February 2015
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An Asthma Story About What’s Wrong With Society

When I read this story, I thought it was so reprehensible that I felt compelled to write something, at least a short something, on what is wrong with the healthcare system in general here in the US, as well as what’s wrong with the mentality that we should only give to those who can afford things, or who have exactly the right combination of prescription, health coverage and money. Please also see our page on herbal remedies to help asthma.

Of course, I know that is over simplifying this story of a woman who was denied an asthma inhaler at a CVS pharmacy, when it was probably just due to the bad judgment of one single pharmacist, who is likely in hot water with management after this story went national and made the pharmacy look bad, but this is just a general commentary on how things are going right now in the US, and it’s not a good thing.

If you have asthma, then you know that when you get an asthma attack, it can really knock you off your feet, and make you incapacitated for a good while until it passes. And the more upset you become, the worse an asthma attack usually will be. This woman in this story no doubt felt the effects of that principle at work as she was denied an inhaler at a CVS pharmacy that she frequented when she was shy just a few bucks to get her prescription renewed and was in the middle of a full fledged asthma attack.

Here’s how their story goes ( I realize the pharmacist may have another story, but the store has not spoken to that yet, so I’m going off what I have, just wanted to mention that to be fair).  A young woman and her boyfriend were walking home from McDonalds when the girl started to have a serious asthma attack. The couple went into a CVS store that she says she frequented for prescriptions for her inhaler, and requested an inhaler refill.

The couple only had $20 on them and the bill came a little over that. The woman was refused an inhaler based on the fact that she was short a few bucks, even though they pleaded with the pharmacist to leave collateral and swore they would come back with the rest of the money. What could have been going through the pharmacist’s mind to deny a woman who was clearly in need of medical help the very thing that would have relieved her problem?

I have no idea, but can only speculate.  This is quite a shocking and disgusting story as it stands now though, to me personally, because I have asthma and I know how it feels when you are having an attack.

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