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Apples Great for Blood Sugar

There is a lot of truth (still) to the saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It used to be a general saying, inferring that if you eat healthy every day, you will be a healthier person who requires less medical care.  However, the apple really is an incredible food. It is not only low in calories, but it is high in a special natural fiber called pectin.

Pectin helps keep your weight at a reasonable level because it helps to fill your belly up and makes you eat less. It also keeps things moving through the body, which means that you get rid of a lot of the excess fat and garbage that you eat, as well as the toxins that tend to weigh the body down and make it harder to lose weight.

I prefer organic apples. They not only are a lot healthier because they don’t use pesticides or food waxes, but they taste so much more amazing that you will probably never go back to eating non organic apples once you’ve tried one. They are crisper, less mealy and they have a lot more juicy flavor to them. The fact that they are not irradiated probably has a lot to do with their superior taste.

New studies show that people who consume apples frequently (one a day for example), tend to have diabetes much less than people who do not eat this fruit.  This makes perfect sense if you know what an apple can do to your system. Have you ever noticed how full a large apple can make you feel?

That is because it has this very valuable fiber in it which helps make you feel full, but also triggers a slow release response for your insulin, meaning it keeps your insulin levels (blood sugar) low. This is excellent as a first line defense against diabetes since keeping your blood sugar on the low side is great for your body.

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