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High blood pressure is a problem that has reached epic proportions here in the states (and elsewhere unfortunately).  It is the result of a highly processed diet full of sodium as well as a lack of exercise, which in and of itself helps to lower high blood pressure since it has stress reducing capabilities. Stress is actually a common factor for high blood pressure as well, so people in high stress jobs may also find that their blood pressure is reaching unhealthy levels.

A lot of people go on blood pressure medication. It is estimated that a large percentage of the elderly population is on blood pressure medication in fact, so it’s definitely an issue here in the US.  Even young children are starting to show signs of high blood pressure thanks to a childhood obesity epidemic and the proliferation of lower cost but highly processed foods that children tend to gravitate to.

But do you really have to go on high blood pressure medication, or can you simply use natural remedies to lower blood pressure or modify your lifestyle?  Obviously modifying your lifestyle is the preferred method of choice to lower your blood pressure since it also has a huge myriad of other health benefits in addition to lowering blood pressure levels.

The first remedy is a spice that you would think might actually increase blood pressure because it is a hot spice. I know that’s what I usually instantly think of when I think of a very spicy meal – blood pressure – because your face gets hot and you begin to sweat when you eat a meal like this.

However, cayenne pepper, which is a very hot spice, is a very potent vasodillator. This means that it naturally relaxes the blood vessels and capillaries which handle the flow of blood throughout the body.

When your vessels are relaxed and not constricted all tight, they allow blood to flow more freely and effectively throughout the body, instead of getting clogged up in various spots and causing the pressure that is synonymous with high blood pressure.

One to two teaspoons of cayenne pepper mixed with water should do the trick to keep nature in your corner and help ward off high blood pressure. It’s also good for heart health since it encourage the free flow of blood and one of the main reasons behind heart disease is high blood pressure.

One of my personal favorites is to take garlic on a daily basis. I actually eat it raw and I make my husband chew it raw as well as often as I can remember throughout the week. It’s very hot to the taste, but if you swish water around in your mouth at the same time you are chewing, it definitely is doable.

Garlic has been implicated in not only lower blood pressure, but also in lowering cholesterol. This is likely due to the fact that garlic is a natural blood thinner.  It also has numerous other health benefits because of its high natural sulfur content, including as a potent antioxidant as well as a potent antibiotic.




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