February 2015
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Asia to Suffer Increasing Cancer Rates

Medical experts for Asian countries are predicting that cancer rates will dramatically rise through the year 2007 if nothing is done to change the course of lifestyle habits over the next few years that are leading to deteriorating health and higher cancer rates throughout the Asian countries. 

Some of the lifestyle changes that are making things go from bad to worse for Asian people when it comes to cancer are things like an increase in smoking, a change in diet which includes more meats and even cheeses instead of the predominantly veggie and rice of yesteryear, and other lifestyle and environment changes, which may include an increase in pollution and industrialization (this is my guess).

Since many of the Asian countries that will be impacted by this increase in cancer rates are poor, and cannot afford the proper healthcare necessary for treating cancer, this could wreck havoc on the nations healthcare system and bog them down with cancer cases, making many of them untreatable and possibly refusing people treatment if they can’t afford the high prices involved with traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation (which I personally don’t support or agree with, but these are the traditional treatments offered by medicine today).

Hopefully they can make the lifestyle changes necessary to fend off the onslaught of increasing cancer rates as experts are predicting, but if history tells us anything, most humans do not learn quickly from dietary and health mistakes, and it usually is rectified only after it is too  late.  Hopefully Asia will be different. 

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