March 2015
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Taking Control of Your Stressors : Part I

This is part one of a two part article that is about something very important, and near and dear to my heart since I am a born perfectionist in a multitude of ways. Being this way has been a blessing as well as a curse in my life. It has allowed me to achieve [...]

Hair Revive Vitamins – Review

Hair Revive – Review

I’ve tried quite a few hair growth vitamins and products, it’s kind of part of my job to experiment with various formulas, and I always like to be taking some sort of hair growth supplement to enhance my hair’s natural growth speed and also to enhance the look of [...]

Detox for the New Year?

I have a few New Year’ s Resolutions. Of course, I’ve already broken a few of them, but one of them was to detoxify my system from eating all the crap I stuffed down my gullet over the holidays, and revitalizing my sense of health and well being by getting the fats and chemicals [...]

Quitting Smoking with Lung Cancer Does Increase Survival Odds

Until recently, it was thought that if a person was already diagnosed with lung cancer, which happens to have a low survival rate unfortunately, even if it is caught in earlier stages (although of course they are slightly better when caught early), quit smoking after diagnosis, that they still would have the same odds [...]

My First Experience with Yoga

My daughter bought me a DVD for my birthday entitled Yoga for Beginners. Now, being in my fifties, I was somewhat hesitant and cautious about starting a new or different exercise program.

The first time I participated in the yoga program, I was almost impatient, waiting for the next pose and looking at the [...]