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This is part one of a two part article that is about something very important, and near and dear to my heart since I am a born perfectionist in a multitude of ways. Being this way has been a blessing as well as a curse in my life. It has allowed me to achieve a great many of my goals.

However, it has also lead me to be a natural worrier, and I tend to feel out of control and helpless a lot if I can’t 100% control the outcome of a situation. For this reason I’ve taken a lot of precautions to relieve stress in my life.

Monthly massages, yoga practice and herbal supplements for anxiety are a few of them.  I also will take to an entire day of doing nothing but slacking off watching television on the rare occasion when I just can’t take the stress any more, and these all work wonders for me.

It’s the nearing the end of January and, if we haven’t already thought about it, it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions.  My personal New Year’s resolution may seem unusual or uncommon but it actually makes a lot of sense for many of us.  It is to stop stressing so much about the little details and responsibilities of everyday life.

In order to do that, we must realize that stress is a part of everyday life and it is inevitable.  We do get to choose, to a large degree, how we respond to stress.  My New Year’s resolution is to realize and believe that it will all work out if steps are taken to take care of the stressors, i.e., finances, relationships or work issues.

This is, for me, a valuable New Year’s resolution as the signs and symptoms of a dysfunctional response to stress are many.  Anxiety, as a response to stress, is actually functional, up to a certain point.

An example of this would be as a motivator to prepare for a speech or a big test that is coming up.  Anxiety that comes out of nowhere and becomes overwhelming can lead to chronic worrying, fear and a constant feeling of unease.

This kind of anxiety will translate into a host of physical and psychological symptoms.  Chronic anxiety and fears can lead to an avoidance of daily responsibilities, such as going to work, to school, partaking in social activities or dealing with ongoing bills or home maintenance issues.  When anxiety is extreme and constant, it can lead to psychological depression.

Attitude and a faith in yourself and significant others to work through life’s responsibilities and frustrations will help to alleviate chronic anxiety and depression.  Attitude can help to rediscover joy and pride in jobs well done.  Overcoming frustrations and pitfalls can help you to continue working your way through stressful situations and it can boost your confidence and self esteem.

Hope you enjoyed part I of Taking Control of Your Stressors. Part II will be published shortly.

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Hair Revive Review

Hair Revive - Review

I’ve tried quite a few hair growth vitamins and products, it’s kind of part of my job to experiment with various formulas, and I always like to be taking some sort of hair growth supplement to enhance my hair’s natural growth speed and also to enhance the look of my hair as far as sheen, thickness, resillience and that coveted healthy look goes.

As a vitamin supplement to strictly enhance the appearance and growth rate of my hair, since I don’t really have issue with hair loss per se, but I did notice that the fronts of my hair, where my “widow’s peak” I suppose would be considered, was thinning a bit a few months ago, so I am using a vitamin supplement now really to enhance the appearance of my hair.

I came across one online called Hair Revive. Although it had a somewhat cheesy label that looked like it should be from the seventies, I decided to give it a try since it had several of the ingredients I was looking for, including horsetail (silica) and biotin and a ton of chinese herbs and regular vitamins that are supposed to help with your hair health and growth.

It also was fairly well reviewed by it’s users. Of course there were a few mixed reviews, but that’s to be expected with most products of this nature since they work so differently depending on a person’s existing health, diet and lifestyle and their individual chemical makeup.  Anyways, I bought a couple bottles, which I figured would last me around two months since you had to take a whopping 4 pills a day, and they’re not small as I found out when I got them and opened my first bottle.

It’s been over two months, and I’ve been taking about two to four a day, depending on how I remember to take them that day, and I’m not sure I’m overly impressed yet. I don’t know if I should have taken four consistently every single day, but with the vitamin count percentages in them I almost worried that I would be overloading my body on some of the vitamins, so I took four only on some days.

I think that it has helped with my hair turnover a bit, as I notice that less of my hair falls out when I was it, and it may have improved my hair’s strength as well, as I notice it doesn’t break off or snap as easily when I’m brushing it.  I do notice a bit more sheen as well, but I still have days where my hair looks like a dry haystack, and I was kind of hoping this would be a little miracle in a bottle for that purpose.  Overall, they’re not bad, but I’m going to continue experimenting. They do have some great ingredients in them, definitely, and they are ingredients that are supposed to benefit your hair.

By MA Greenery | February 14, 2010 - 7:39 am - Posted in Natural and Herbal Treatments

I have a few New Year’ s Resolutions. Of course, I’ve already broken a few of them, but one of them was to detoxify my system from eating all the crap I stuffed down my gullet over the holidays, and revitalizing my sense of health and well being by getting the fats and chemicals out of my system from my holiday indulgences. New year, new colon I suppose, right!?

There are a couple different ways to detox your system actually. First, you can go on a cleansing diet like the Master Cleanse, which I tried and didn’t care for personally. There’s something unnatural about consuming only liquids for at least ten days straight. I know a few people who have done it and dropped weight that way, but it always comes right back on and some critics of it think that it actually may hurt your metabolism.

You can also take supplements which are designed to rid your body of excess waste (ie make you go to the bathroom a lot), and also to replenish certain flora that are lost in the process, or that you may be lacking in the first place.  The Dual Action Cleanse detox system does that, which is why so many people love to use it when they’re feeling weighed down and toxic.

It’s important if you are doing a colon cleansing, that you consider replenishing your healthy bacteria – the little peacekeepers of the colon, otherwise known as lactobacillus, or probiotics. These are commonly found in yogurt with active cultures, so you can either eat a lot of yogurt when you’re doing a colon cleanse, or you can make sure you are taking a supplement that has probiotics in it to help balance out the healthy bacteria again.

My favorite yogurt for this purpose, and it also happens to taste yummy too, is the Activia line of yogurt.  It helps keep you regular too, so it’s great for people who suffer constipation or irregular bowel movements.

By MA Greenery | February 8, 2010 - 12:20 am - Posted in Smoking Cessation

Until recently, it was thought that if a person was already diagnosed with lung cancer, which happens to have a low survival rate unfortunately, even if it is caught in earlier stages (although of course they are slightly better when caught early), quit smoking after diagnosis, that they still would have the same odds of survival. Well, not any more.

There are new findings which actually make more sense and wonder why the “duh” factor didn’t come in sooner on the previous thought that you might as well just throw in the towel if you were diagnosed and still a smoker, that quitting smoking even after lung cancer is found increases your odds of survival to the tune of about double. Now, that will make people think twice about continuing to smoke after they are given this devastating news, won’t it!?

Of course, there are unbelievably a lot of people who continue to smoke, even after they are diagnosed with lung cancer because they are so addicted to it that life seems devoid of pleasure if they can’t smoke, and also because they may be under the impression that it won’t do any good anyways. Well now, they have a reason to kick the habit for good if they want to increase their odds of survival.

I’m a former smoker, and of course, since I have been in those shoes before, I know how addictive this habit is, and how hard it is to give it up, not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional and social level since it’s hard to not use smoking as a crutch in social situations and in nervous situations (this is how I used smoking, but I also enjoyed the taste and the buzz immensely as well, don’t get me wrong).

So I highly suggest that people who are trying to quite try an herbal smoking cessation product to help get them through the roughest patches of quitting, since these withdrawal symptoms are ultimately the reason that people keep coming back to smoking before they have fully kicked the habit.

Now that we know that quitting smoking can help double your rate of success in fighting lung cancer even after diagnosed, I think that tells us a lot of how quitting ahead of even getting cancer can do for us, and how truly cancerous of an agent cigarettes are to our lungs. If you haven’t quit yet, definitely look into ways to make it easier on yourself so you don’t have to go through the devastation of questioning if your life will end early due to lung cancer.

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My daughter bought me a DVD for my birthday entitled Yoga for Beginners. Now, being in my fifties, I was somewhat hesitant and cautious about starting a new or different exercise program.

The first time I participated in the yoga program, I was almost impatient, waiting for the next pose and looking at the clock. I was missing the point of relaxation and slower, deeper breathing.

Yoga is most beneficial in a slow focused state of mind. About the third or fourth time I participated, I concentrated on the breathing and relaxation. I did note some creaks and light popping noises in my joints as I stretched for certain poses. I figured it was twinges in my hinges and I had no adverse effects. As a matter of fact, after a few more sessions, I felt stronger with a deep relaxation that stayed with me.

When I first started the yoga, my breathing was either rapid and shallow or I would hold my breath when I had difficulty maintaining a pose. Reminders during the program to inhale and exhale slowly conditioned me to a slower pace of deeper breathing.

One of my favorite poses was a variation of the sitting pose where you raise your arms overhead and interlace your fingers. Then you take three complete breaths and upon exhaling, you lower your arms slowly to your side. The sensation of lowering your arms is exhilarating and relaxing at the same time.

I would recommend yoga for anyone’s fitness program to improve balance, posture and flexibility at any age. The emphasis on a quiet, slowed down time and relaxed deep breathing leaves you calmer and more focused throughout the day. 

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