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Bananas are one of the most popular snack fruits because of their incredible convenience and readiness, but they also have a bevy of health benefits that you may not even know about. They come in their own “package” (peel), they’re easy to throw in the car or in a lunch bag, and they stay fresh. They don’t need to be washed or cut up to be convenient to eat, and they are a very satisfying fruit.

Rather than spike the blood sugar like some other fruits do, bananas actually contain protein which helps to satiate hunger for hours. They also contain fiber and a bevy of vitamins, which adds to their nutritional value as well as to their ability to fill you up and keep you satisfied.

Their flavor may not be for everyone, but a lot of people really do like their flavor as well.  You can add them to your favorite smoothies for an extra filling addition, you can cut them up and add them to your cereal, heck you can even dip them in chocolate for a delicious and somewhat nutritious dessert.

You can make pies out of them, desserts like bananas foster, fruit salads, banana splits and more. Yes, they are truly a versatile, and universally appealing food (I did avoid the temptation to make a bad pun by saying “apeeling”, aren’t you glad I did).

Bananas not only fill you up, but they also help balance your electrolytes by adding a lot of potassium to your body. They are very high in this nutrient. When you are low in potassium, you can feel faint and get muscle cramps.  Grab a banana and your problems are usually solved.

Bananas also may help to soothe your stomach if you’re having a sour stomach day.  They are a good food to eat if you suffer from acid reflux a lot.  Due to their slightly starchy texture and low sweetness as well as a naturally somewhat bland flavor, they are the perfect belly ache food.

They also can help replenish potassium if you’re having diarrhea accompanying your stomach ache.  See our past article on drinking lemon water for potassium also.

There is also evidence that this fruit can actually boost your mood. They contain small amounts of that turkey chemical called tryptophan. Tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin, which is a pleasurable chemical your brain emits which makes you feel good naturally.

Tryptophan also helps to relax you, so it can benefit those that suffer from anxiety.  It can promote a feeling of calm, so maybe eating one of these prior to a big function as a snack would be a great idea to calm your nerves and stabilize blood sugar so you can put your best foot forward.

Ok, so is anyone else for adding bananas to the super food list, because it sure does seem like this multifunctional fruit has it all to me!  Makes me wanna go peel one right now for breakfast.


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