March 2015
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Beetroot Juice for Increased Stamina

Before you go for that energy drink or some other caffeinated beverage, or even a carb loaded meal, before you want to complete a high endurance and stamina project like running a marathon, you may want to instead consider trying beetroot juice to increase your stamina.  The reason is that it actually makes you use up less oxygen in your blood stream, whereas normally you would use up to 16% more oxygen to get a hard, lung demanding task done, and that therefore boosts your stamina, aka the amount of time before you get completely and utterly winded from doing something that is taxing on the lungs.

The reason for the correlation between increased stamina and beetroot juice consumption is that beetroot juice contains nitrates, which are the magic thing researchers think is the reason behind the increased boost in stamina.  Not only is beetroot juice good for your physical endurance of taxing activities, but it is loaded with vitamins and minerals, health nuts love it for that alone, many people drinking the juice just for the nutritional aspect alone.  But also it has shown to be able to help lower the blood pressure, which makes sense if it increases the stamina and decreases the oxygen uptake of the blood.

So, actually, if you have high blood pressure and you’re looking for something that might be a good natural alternative to lowering your blood pressure instead of taking blood pressure medications, it sounds like you might want to give beetroot juice a try. It’s definitely worth a little investigation, especially since this juice has multiple other health benefits that are too numerous to list, especially when it is organic and retains all of it’s vitamins and minerals for your consumption.

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