I recently became slightly obsessed with a concept I had never heard of before that instantly intrigued me since I know a little bit about the benefits behind an alkaline diet.

Alkaline Ionized Water

Apparently, folks in Japan have been benefiting for years from this stuff that goes by the name of microwater, alkaline ionized water, or any combination of those words depending on where you look.

The bottom line is that they are all basically the same thing.  Microwater, or ionized alkaline water, is water that has been separated via electron charging, through a relatively high tech machine, into alkaline and acid water.

The proponents of alkaline water claim that because most water, even distilled and purified water, is either neutral or slightly acidic by nature, it does not help to de-acidify the body like alkaline water does.  They also claim that it does not hydrate you as well as microwater.

I believe these claims, because I was lucky enough to try some of this water, and I’d never tasted anything so delicious and completely satisfying and “wet” as this water. It sounds crazy to people who haven’t tried it, but I actually felt that for the first time I experienced what real hydration must feel like, because I’m usually constantly thirsty, and for the first few days that I drank this alkaline ionized water, I never felt thirsty or dry mouthed.

In fact, I noticed an almost immediate benefit on my digestive process, which I often have problems with, and a slight reduction in my appetite, both of which were unimagined since I noticed my waste came out looking slightly different.

Yes, I check out my own fecal matter, I think everyone does, even people who don’t admit it.  I think it’s important to know what’s coming out of your body, and I would encourage everyone to at least periodically check it for any problems or signs that there may be health issues having to do with the digestive system or colon.

Now, back to the wonderful, satisfying flavor that this microwater had.  I’ve drank distilled water before, and I always thought distilled water had a great sort of “texture” to it.  There was literally no flavor to it, and that’s how water should be.

However, I noticed the same thing about the alkaline microwater I tried, but I also noticed another added effect, and that was that the water seemed “wetter” to me, more full bodied in some way, not like I was drinking something that was not going to hydrate me, but that I was drinking something that was full of life.

It sounds corny, but I felt like it somehow made me more alert, more alive in those few days I tried it out.  Now, onto the health benefits.  There are two basic pH levels that range on opposite ends of the pH scale, and those are called acid and alkaline pH levels.

The more acidic your body, according to those that have studied pH effects on the human body, the more prone your body most likely will be to sickness and disease, and the more likely you are to be overweight and generally unbalanced.

Alkaline water helps bring your body back into a pH balance so that your mind works better and your body can heal itself and get rid of the toxins that have built up in it over time from an acidic diet and drinking acidic water and other acidic fluids.  These acid salts build up in the organs, the skin, the blood, and they create an environment that makes it easier for invaders to take over.

According to some who believe it can even be a beneficial anti cancer agent, it may even reduce the body’s ability to harbor cancer, since cancer cells despise alkaline environments in a petrie dish, and tend to thrive in more acid environments.

Numerous other benefits have been reported by followers of alkaline ionic water (microwater), including but not limited to healed skin disorders, clear and younger looking skin, eliminations or great reduction of high blood pressure, diabetes,  obesity, rates of catching colds and flus, allergy relief, asthma relief (one of the reasons I became interested also, I’m an asthma sufferer), and many, many other benefits that vary greatly from person to person. It seems like everyone has a different story to tell about the health benefits they’ve gained from drinking microwater.

The one common thread I’ve seen is that no one says that drinking this kind of water has NOT benefitted them in some tangible way, and I’ve never read complaints from people who drink this water, so I know there is something to it.

In fact, I’m researching now to find out what alkaline ionizer I’m going to invest in for my health, and I’ll keep you updated and let you know along the way what I’m experiencing after I’ve made my choice.

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