Omega 3 fatty acids have made quite a name for themselves over the past decade.

With the publication of a popular diet book called “The Zone”, the benefits of the healthy omega 3 fatty acid found richly in certain fish and even some naturally grown veggies became known as a key to successful weight reduction and long term weight maintenance, among a myriad of other benefits.  Now, we see omega 3 dietary supplements all over.

We see them in grocery stores, health food stores, the local GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, and basically anywhere that you can buy a regular multivitamin.  But, there is one omega 3 supplement that I can truly say I feel outperforms them all.

Purity and potency of this product are due to a highly selective pressing process which makes an end product that is far superior and much more easily absorbed than its cheaper counterparts, that may not even be worth your time due to poor absorption as well as poor potency and quality.

It’s called “Omega Daily”, and it’s a very high quality health product that is not only excellent for those that are weight conscious, but also is excellent for those with joint and muscle pains, problems with inflammation which leads to pain (muscle pain, arthritis pain, etc.).

It also helps improve mental focus, depression, hair thinning, skin quality and integrity and more.

Let’s examine what makes this one of the best Omega 3 Dietary Supplement today :

1.) Omega Daily is made from a very special isolated compound rich in rare omega 3’s that are so pure, they were actually patented and put into this supplement.  The name of the sea creature that these compounds come from is the New Zealand Green Lipped Muscle.

What you are getting is the special isolation process that makes this product extraordinarily effective.

2.) This patented grouping of specific fatty acid compounds found in Omega Daily™ has evolved as the most potent group of Omega-3 lipids in blocking the 5 – lipoxygenase metabolic pathway.

This pathway is actually many times responsible for inflammation (pain, accelerated aging process, joint and muscle inflammation, difficulty moving about, skin problems, hair falling out and dull, deteriorating heart health and deterioration of the blood vessels and pulmonary system) in the body.

This specific combination of omega 3’s in this dietary supplement make it the best known antidote to aging, inflammation and overall health deterioration in the omega 3 market today.

3.) Not only is this supplement being reported to have extraordinary results when taken by people specifically for joint and muscle health, but it also is reported to dramatically improve asthma and even allergies in some clients (believe it or not, inflammation is a cause of many health issues and cosmetic aging issues also, not just joint and muscle pain).

It has also been reported to be an excellent weight loss and weight maintenance dietary supplement (did you know that omega 3 fatty acids are known to send signals to the brain indicating fullness, and therefore you stop eating sooner and become thinner?)

Another remarkable reported event that takes place with people with joint and muscle pain is a very fast and effective natural pain relief is experienced after the Omega Daily supplement is taken.

That is pretty impressive, especially since natural pain relief is a welcome answer to harsh pain medications with undesirable side effects, as well as addictive narcotic pain relievers that can cause more problems than they solve.  Cholesterol levels can also be lowered, and the heart health benefits of omega 3’s are unparalleled.

So, there you have it, our pick for the best omega 3 dietary supplement going today.  It is truly a premium health product that actually delivers proven, quantitative results in its faithful users.

You may pay more than your run of the mill omega 3 supplement, but you are getting a product that actually over delivers rather than under delivers for the price.  And ultimately, isn’t your health worth and well being worth it?

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