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I keep around an herbal colon cleanser that I use only when I’m a little constipated.  It’s not something that I think anyone should be using all the time, as any colon cleansing or laxative type of product can have a habit forming effect on the bowels, and create a need for them in order to have regular bowel movements if they are abused for too long.

Even when laxatives are herbal or natural, they can be habit forming, because your whole elimination system becomes “lazy” and relies on these types of supplements to help move things along. It can result in lazy movement of the bowels – that slow, “swishing forward” movement that pushes solid waste through the digestive tract and ends in a satisfying bowel movement.

Some people take herbal colon cleansers and herbal laxatives, and they don’t have much luck with them. It may be that they are taking them at the wrong time of day, or on too full a stomach to get the right results. You usually need to make sure that your stomach is pretty much empty before taking these types of supplements, and you also need to make sure you drink a TON of purified water with them.

Drinking a ton of water will help to bulk up the stool, and this will help to move things along quicker and produce a faster bowel movement. Sometimes if you take it with food, it totally bypasses your whole system, and ends up not even working to make you go to the bathroom.

It might be best to either wait several hours after you eat in the evening to take them, or you can even just do it in the morning, and wait a while before you eat breakfast, say maybe an hour at least.  Or in the middle of the day, between meals could work too.

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