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I became intrigued when I was checking out some comments that were made on an article that Dr. Mercola had written about acne prevention and treatment through diet, which lead me to a few other articles about sunblock and why it’s not the best thing to be a true vampire and just stay out of the sun all the time.  He says that the sun offers healing effects and supplies us with much needed Vitamin D, which he and several others are convinced helps to prevent different types of cancers.  However, he is also careful to add that too much sun exposure can also cause cancer.

I was reading some readers comments about natural sun  blocks, that don’t contain any chemicals or phycial barriers in them (like zinc oxide, which really protects your skin because it is a thick, chalky substance, not a thin chemical laced concoction like most sunblocks, nonetheless, it’s not very attractice admittedly), that may be plant based or almost a home remedy type of thing.  One of the readers said that she has been using cocounut oil for a while, and although she is fair skinned, she never burns using it.

However, she also admitted that she wasn’t in the sun for long periods of time either.  So, can coconut oil, or even sesame oil, another rumored sunblock that is natural, really block the sun’s dangerous UV rays and help protect your skin against sun damage and ultimately certain types of skin cancer that are typically caused by excessive sun exposure?  Well, I read a few other items on the internet after running across that, curious if my fair skin may be able to start using a natural sunblock, since I eschew the chemical variety.  They seem to always give me some sort of adverse reaction, whether it is breaking out, itching, or running into my eyes and burning.

So, apparently sesame oil may offer a tad better protection than coconut oil, which by the way has to be virgin coconut oil ot work as a sunblock, blocks around 20% of the sun’s harmful rays, and sesame oil is supposed to block about 30% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.  I’m not sure where these figures come from, or honestly if they are even accurate, but that is what I had found out about them.  Now, another person posted somewhere that they burned when they put coconut oil on, but they also admitted this was when they were purposefully baking themselves for long periods of time in the peak sun hours.

If anyone who has any experience with using either coconut oil as a sunscreen protectant, or sesame oil as a sunscreen, please do post here a comment and let other interested readers know your experience or your knowledge on the subject.  I’d really like to know as well, summer is upon us and I’d love to have a natural alternative to yucky traditional sunscreens.

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