March 2015
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Can Zinc Help Decrease Length of Cold?

Remember when the product called “Cold Ease” first came out, and how many people thought it was a crock, or too good to be true?  Well, one of main ingredients in that cold duration shortener is zinc.

Zinc is a cheap mineral which can be purchased easily, but it has been made easier to take and to make sure you get a lot of it down your throat, which is where a cold takes root, when you take it in a lozenge. It’s also much more pleasant to take that way, although you will notice a slightly metallic flavor to the lozenge.

In addition, you will now see  many knockoff and generic brands of lozenges with zinc in them, but Cold Ease is also still available, being the one that started it all.

New studies are showing that although the findings were poo pooed as they so often are, early on when Cold Ease was the pioneer for zinc lozenges and supplements helping to shorten a cold, that zinc really does appear to offer a definite benefit for the common cold.

It not only shows to decrease the length of time symptoms are experienced, but it also helps to lessen the severity of the symptoms themselves.  So, next time you start sniffling and sneezing, make sure you get some zinc in you. The sooner you start on it, the better it works.

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