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I received this press release about Canadian’s fight to do the very same thing people are doing here to save natural health remedies and herbal supplements from being banned by a government body that has ulterior motives for protecting the big pharmaceutical and mass producing goods companies.  Very important stuff – enjoy reading!

Toronto – Natural Health Freedom Canada (NHFC) is an advocacy group which was formed in 2011 to support and protect consumers and the natural health products Industry in Canada.

According to NHFC executive director Marilyn Nelson, “our group was founded to draw public attention to a very serious situation unfolding in Canada today, and to shine a light on the fact, that there is an organized and systematic effort underway by large international multi-national pharmaceutical companies and their lobby groups, to destroy the much smaller domestic natural health products industry in Canada.”

Back In 1998, the government at the time, considered legislation to protect the small, yet, vibrant domestic natural health product industry in Canada. However, since that time, the opposite has happened. Recently, over 40,000 natural health products have been removed from the shelves, and consumers from Victoria. B.C. to St. John’s NL, are now left with no option but to purchase higher priced pharmaceutical drugs.

Officially, Health Canada’s mandate is to help the people of Canada maintain and improve their health. So the question remains, how does the recent removal of two thirds of safe and effective natural health products help the Canadian public? How does the restricting, banning and suspending of so many natural supplements – products that many Canadian’s have relied upon for all of their lives – benefit the individual or their families?

According to Nelson, “through Health Canada’s grossly unfair and new restrictive regulations, Health Canada has succeeded in ordering about two thirds of our natural supplements off the market.  When the last third of these is gone, the Canadian public will have lost forever, its ability to keep itself healthy through natural dietary supplements.”

She continued, “If that happens, Canadians will have no choice, they will be forced to purchase the higher priced pharmaceutical drugs manufactured by international conglomerates.”

To remedy the situation NHFC plans in 2012:  to petition the Supreme court and seek an injunction against Health Canada and their actions; to build an international team of 10 to 12 countries to fight the pharmaceutical takeover; to build a public campaign to draw public attention to Health Canada’s illegalities and misrepresentation to the public.

For more information/interview request contact:

Natural Health Freedom Canada

c/o James Woewoda, publicist

James Woewoda Communications

Vancouver, Canada

(1- 604) 788 2962



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