March 2015
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Senator Durbin Trying to Introduce Another Anti-Supplement Bill : Important

I wanted to share this with my readers since every time a dangerous anti-supplement bill is introduced I want my readers to have the tools to fight it with all they have. This means writing your representatives and telling them how you feel, and that you want them to vote down this dangerous proposal [...]

Walking a Tight Rope Called Life

There is a ton of health advances in the market that offer specific treatments to benefit our overall well being. From technologically advanced options like an invasive diagnostic procedure, to non-invasive and holistic methods such as Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Medical Herbalism, and many more; all our options are on the table, we just have to [...]

Can Aspirin Lower Your Risk of Colon Cancer?

I’m one of those people who can’t really take aspirin. I actually have some in the house which I bought probably years ago now (which come to think of it probably needs to be thrown away by now), for emergencies, but every time I’ve taken it I’ve gotten a slightly sour stomach. Aspirin is [...]

ACV for Indigestion, Does it Help You Digest Faster, More Efficiently?

Apple Cider Vinegar. We’ve had this “catch all” cure all natural remedy (and tasty dressing addition) in our blog several times. Why? Because ACV really does work for a range of problems that afflict us in our modern day diet and also with our modern day problems.

It’s also a great beauty remedy. I [...]

Do Water Filters Get the Pharmaceuticals Out?

As you probably know if you follow any natural or holistic news circles and updates, there is a growing and very legitimate concern that even if you are very careful to avoid pharmaceutical drugs in your own life, you still are likely drinking them – and lots of varieties of them – in your [...]