February 2015
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Don’t Like Green Tea? Try White Tea for High Antioxidant Value

I know, very well, that green tea is all the health craze. It started about a decade ago when green tea was promoted as one of the so called “superfoods” that would help your body to prevent cancer, heal itself better and stay younger longer. Green tea was the bomb, and all the other [...]

Oranges – When They’re Good They’re Awesome!

I’ve never been a huge orange eater. I was more of a lesser-commitment clementine eater. I liked that it was just a small palm sized fruit that peeled super easily and rarely got the juices on your hands. It is a neat and quick snack in other words. And when clementines are good, they [...]

Sage : More than a Savory Cooking Spice

I was making my holiday green beans (not the casserole, but a savory dish using carmelized onions, green beans, sage and other seasonings along with toasted almonds), and I started to think about what the health benefits of the spice sage might be. After all, it’s got that dark green color and has the [...]

Is Wine Good or Bad for You? What Is It?!

We’ve seen enough conflicting news reports, studies and conjectures about wine and whether it is healthy for us (particularly red wine which is the one that is usually discussed when it comes to health benefits) or whether it will be our undoing.

I will start off by saying I am a huge fan of [...]

Green Tea Anti-Cancer Properties : Prostate and Breast Benefit Most?

Prostate cancer and breast cancer are two of the most well-publicized cancers today. Why would that be? Well, they are extremely common first of all, and one of them affects men a lot and the other affects women a lot. Hence all the public attention on these two types of cancer.

Just to demonstrate [...]