March 2015
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It’s Official : Nuts, Omega 3 Fats Highly Protective of Your Brain Health

This news makes me happy, because I really LOVE walnuts, which are one of the highest omega 3 content nuts out there. Sure, they’re high in fat, but that fat is actually good for you and has shown some serious promise as a weapon against heart disease and stroke already when they are consumed [...]

How Just One Small Dose of Sunshine Awakens the Brain


It’s funny how the sun has been so misunderstood by the public over the last few decades. People are afraid to bathe in the sun like they used to because there is so much rhetoric about how sunlight exposure causes skin cancer.

People are lathering themselves with so much (usually toxic) sunscreen every day [...]

Can Fasting Provide a Mental Clarity Like Nothing Else?

We think a lot about food. Most of us that is. Ok maybe that’s just me, but I have a sneaking suspicion that a large segment of the population today thinks a whole lot about food. You think about your next meal, your next snack, what you’re going to get at the grocery store [...]

Natural Options for Treating ADD and ADHD

We’ve talked a lot about how to naturally treat ADD and ADHD, both of which are serious disorders where the mind has a hard time focusing.

ADD is a disorder that affects not only children, but also adults.  There are over 10 million prescriptions written for both ADD and ADHD every year in the [...]

Why Is Our Short Term Memory Worse?

I swear, lately my short term memory has really been the pits. I feel like I have stress-induced ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  They say that when you are really stressed out or you are grieving for example, you tend to really forget stuff easily that normally you would not have had a problem with.