February 2015
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Schiff Digestive Advantage Probiotic Formula : Review

I’m not one of those people who can just eat whatever I want and everything goes “smoothly” with my digestion and elimination process. No…not by a long stretch of the imagination.

I always need help for my finicky system to keep things moving, reduce the amount of gas and discomfort that I tend to [...]

Don’t Like Green Tea? Try White Tea for High Antioxidant Value

I know, very well, that green tea is all the health craze. It started about a decade ago when green tea was promoted as one of the so called “superfoods” that would help your body to prevent cancer, heal itself better and stay younger longer. Green tea was the bomb, and all the other [...]

Best and Most Nutritious Remedies for Constipation

It happens to the best of us. Even when we think we are eating the most nutritious, fiber-filled diets, occasionally constipation comes calling and we find ourselves bloated, uncomfortable and yeah sometimes even a little cranky at times from the discomfort it causes. Our bodies are not meant to be “stopped up” like this [...]

You Really Do “Withdraw” From High Fat, High Sugar Food

I’ve always said that coming off the standard holiday diet of hugely increased levels of fat, sugar and salt is basically like coming off of a drug. Probably not as bad as a hard street drug obviously, but nonetheless, there are definitely identifiable signs that going back to a wholesome diet entails some serious [...]

Time to Detox After Indulging for the Holidays?

It’s the time of the year now where people begin to seriously consider going on a diet to lose some of the holiday poundage they’ve put on, along with getting rid of a lot of the unwanted side effects of extra weight. These effects include fatigue, generally lower energy levels, mood swings, clothes not [...]