March 2015
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Are Energy Drinks Dangerous?

With the spate of reports in the news lately, it’s easy to make assumptions that energy drinks are simply a danger that should be avoided. However, is there really anything to the fact that several deaths recently have been potentially linked to the victims drinking certain energy drinks (or in the case of 5 [...]

Daily Coffee : Lower Risk of Stroke?

Sometimes I feel guilty about my daily cup of coffee in the morning, a habit which I became addicted to just a few months ago after my green tea with lemon just wasn’t waking me up enough in the morning to prepare for my early mornings and long work days. 

Unfortunately, even though it [...]

Yes, Unfortunately Coffee is Addictive..

So, I’ve prided myself on only drinking coffee on the weekends for quite a while now. Sure, I’d have the occasional cup on a week day before work when I just couldn’t do it without the extra zing in my step I get from the specific caffeine you get from a good cup of [...]

Is Spirulina a Good Protein and Energy Source for Vegetarians?

Vegetarians are often faced with somewhat of a challenge when looking for complete, good sources of protein, such as the type that can be found in meats and fish.  For example, one of the hardest nutrients to come by that is often found in red meat, which obviously vegetarians don’t eat, is the combination [...]

Can Coffee Be Healthy?

So, there has been a lot of back and forth about both the adverse and the positive health effects of drinking coffee, the number one caffeinated beverage of choice here in the US. It is estimated that over half of the adults here in the US are habitual coffee drinkers. Sheesh, no wonder why [...]