March 2015
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Droughts Making Cattle-Grazing Grass Deadly?

In a story that has been sounding alarm bells allover the news, 15 cows have died on a ranch in Austin Texas after grazing on the grass in the field as they usually do.  Apparently the cattle were dead within hours of grazing in the area they were in on the ranch, and only [...]

BPA Linked to Diabetes TOO?

BPA, or Bisphenol A, which is a very controversial chemical that is used to harden plastic and has been used in literally hundreds of consumer products for many years now, has been linked to many things that are definitely not comforting.  Especially knowing we are all exposed to them in the most insidious ways in [...]

9/11 Firefighters at Higher Cancer Risk

Well, it has been almost ten years to the day that the awful thing that changed America forever happened. 9/11 happened almost ten years ago to the day. It will be the ten year anniversary of this tragic event tomorrow. It is forever ingrained in the American psyche as a day that will live [...]

Pesticides Linked to Diabetes?

This was a surprising one to me. I knew that the rising pesticide use on our crops was suspected as a carcinognenic addition to our diet since much of our produce, unless marked organic, is sprayed with these chemicals. I understand the need to protect crops and grow things more efficiently for our burgeoning [...]

Backscatter Airport Scanners Cancer-Causing?

There has been much discussion about the new fully body “x ray” scanners that are in airports, basically showing pretty much all of you, as if you were naked, to the screeners. Not only are people upset about their privacy rights being impinged, but they are also worried about the health effects of the [...]