February 2015
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Passport to Recover—4 Ways to Manage Triggers

The road through alcohol and drug rehabilitation has many highs and lows for the individual in recovery as well as for their supporting friends and family. From one moment to the next, an individual coping with addiction may experience mood swings, bouts of depression, and even rage.

As a bystander observing from the sidelines, [...]

Upcoming Allergy Season is Gonna Be Bad

Well, we’ve all been loving the fact that it’s been such a mild and pleasant winter here with very little major snow where I live in Ohio. However, one of the consequences that often arises from a warmer than usual winter is the fact that a worse than usual allergy season tends to be [...]

Study on Childless Men and Women Dying Earlier Flawed

I recently saw a headline that naturally caught my attention, my husband and I being childless by choice and likely for the rest of our lives together. It surprised me because I had also read other studies that showed that the lower stress lifestyle of not having children may make you live longer so [...]

How a Sedentary Lifestyle Kills Your Metabolic Rate

Sometimes it seems like a constant struggle to manage our weight. As we age, our metabolism naturally dips down into a lower gear, our fat burning capabilities take a nose dive, and we are generally more prone to fat storage and less prone to add lean muscle mass which is excellent at burning fat [...]

Can Celiac Disease Be Avoided?

Celiac disease is one that has really commanded more attention over the last decade. As gluten free diets have become somewhat of a fad for people who do not even suffer from celiac disease, it has some wondering if there is any way that developing the disease can be avoided, or whether it’s truly [...]