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Are vitamins essential in the fight against hair loss and the ultimate goal of hair regrowth and maintenance?  The answer is yes, treatments that principally use vitamins for hair loss are crucial in the war on female and male pattern baldness.  Here’s more on hair loss :

Studies have demonstrated that the utilization of proper nutrition and agressive vitamin and nutrient supplementation has significantly improved the appearance and growth of patient’s hair, as well as dramatically improved the appearance, thickness, strength and sheen of existing hair.

So, what are these vitamins, nutrients and natural compounds that are such an integral part of your hair loss campaign? The list is fairly long, but the payoff can be pretty sweet if you find the right product that contains most of these ingredients in a standardized and pure form.

The first on the list is Zinc. Deficiencies in Zinc, an essential mineral to the human system, has been shown to be partially responsible for balding and scalp problems such as psoriasis and dryness. When zinc is reintroduced into the diet, it usually has an healing effect on the scalp and rejuvenation of the hair follicles, especially when combined with the other key vitamins and nutrients mentioned down below, such as B vitamins, biotin, amino acids and gelatin – to name a few.

Vitamin B5 is the second one on the list. Vitamin B5, otherwise known as panthenol, and the entire family of B vitamins has been shown in studies to help immensely in stopping hair loss and helping to quickly regrow hair that has been lost in both men and women.  Bottom line, B5 is one of the most powerful vitamins for hair loss there is.

Vitamin B6 is highly involved in the metabolism and proper utilization of protein. Biotin, another member of the B Vitamin family, is a water soluble vitamin – meaning you do get rid of it through urination and excretion on a daily basis – it does not build up to toxic levels as some other vitamins can that are not water soluble if they are overused.

Biotin is another known strengthener of the hair and nails. Just to show how important the nutrient Biotin is to the health and continued growth of your hair, in laboratory-controlled studies it has been shown that deficiencies in biotin leads to hair loss and scaly red rashes on the face and in the genital areas.

Apparently, biotin has proven its worth in the health and maintenance of our hair, skin and nails. In extreme cases of biotin deficiency, adults have manifested symptoms of depression, lethargy and numbness in the arms, legs, feet and fingers.

Any good hair loss remedy will have this nutrient vitamin – it is vital to continued repair and health, strength and vitality. Amino acid supplmentation helps to rebuild and repair bodily tissues, and also helps to restore hair growth, as well as strengthen the hair you currently have to help avoid additional hair loss.

Just to run through a few of the ESSENTIAL amino acids (the kind that cannot be manufactured by your body, but rather are a nutrient that you must consume and digest in order to be present in the body), there are actually several.

To name the primary ones, you have tryptophan, lysine, methionine, phenylalaine and then a few others. So you see, essential amino acids are key to the completion and rejuvenation of the hair growth cycle that many times is temporarily interrupted by hormonal surges or drops, or is permanently hampered by other life changes such as menopause or aging in general.

Horsetail is actually an herb, but we will discuss it here since it is actually a pretty powerful weapon in the war on hair loss and thinning, as well as dry and brittle hair. This powerful herb is an excellent source of the elusive nutrient silica, which help keep hair lustrous and shiny. Horsetail is actually so potent that it is not recommended you take the product in its whole form, rather in a combination formula that has equal parts of this and other vitamins necessary for hair growth, to prevent toxicity due to its unusual potency.

Gelatin is another nutrient known to strengthen nails and hair as well as to help fortify the hair shaft and scalp. It is especially well known for strengthening connective tissue and making hair and nails grow faster. Gelatin is actually the end result of boiled connective tissues of animals (I know, not too savory, but nonetheless true). As a result, gelatin contains protein, collagen, and various essential amino acids which, as discussed previously, are the building blocks of protein and essential to connective tissue health.

All of these vitamins and nutrients are very powerful precursors to hair growth and rejuvenation of the hair shaft and scalp.

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This faster hair growth vitamin helps hair grow quickly by: Promoting shiny, thicker, faster hair growth Stimulating new hair growth by rejuvenating dead & damaged hair follicles with Minoxidil in it’s topical treatment Creating a healthy environment for new hairs to grow Providing proper nourishment for your scalp Healing damaged, dried out hair No systemic side effects

Reasons to Use this Supplement if Your Goal is to Grow Your Hair Long – Fast

There are lots of reasons why you may want to grow your hair long more quickly. This excellent vitamin does just that – and it does it at a much faster pace than it would grow without supplementation. Yes, we do get compensated should you decide to purchase this product, but we have provided what we feel is a good overview of what the product may do for your hair.

Have you ever wanted your hair to grow long, but hate the dead split ends, dull color, lackluster surface and dryness that results from cutting your hair cut visits down in order to effectively grow the hair to longer lengths? I’ve been there too. I’ve also been through periods of my life where my hair seems to fall out a lot more, become thinner and dull, and seems to not grow as fast.

What the cause of this is, I have not put my finger on, but I surely would have jumped at the chance to try a vitamin supplement that would allow me to grow my hair significantly faster, all while regaining shine, elasticity and deeper color.

Well, I’m happy to say there is now an excellent hair growth vitamin that has helped both men and women grow their hair out exponentially faster, all while making it look luminous and fulls instead of thin, dull and drab.

The Provillus Faster Hair Growth Vitamin and Topical Treatment is recommended for no less than a three month treatment (90 days) in order that the best and most permanent results may be seen. The longer, the better. Longer treatment means the likelihood of re-treatment will be less, since the damaged follicles should have been permanently repaired at that point, and the environment for maximum hair growth and health has been set.

Longer treatment on this vitamin also means the most hair growth possible, as well as setting the stage for longer hair growth for months and years to come. It also translates into a longer period of infused strength, renewed vitality and improved elasticity and breakage resistance. Because it is so powerful and really aggressively seeds your scalp in preparation for new and longer hair growth, it is also an excellent remedy for women or men with thinning hair that fear they may be losing the battle with hair loss due to age or genetics.

Provillus Hair Growth Vitamin – More than Just Faster Growing Hair

Many individuals, both men and women, use this vitamin not only for longer hair faster, but people with thinning hair, rapidly graying hair, or a problem with brittleness use it to effectively regain volume, elasticity strength and vibrance.

Exactly How Does the Vitamin Make Your Hair Grow Faster?

Using high grade Chinese herbal medicines and potent vitamins and follicle stimulators, Hair Essentials effectively remedies slow or stunted hair growth by agressively repairing follicles and strengthening the hair shaft, making it grow faster without looking unhealthy or breaking. It also includes the clinically proven and FDA approved ingredient in it’s topical solution Minoxidil for maximum healthy hair growth.

If your goal is to grow hair long, strengthen your hair, and help infuse lustre back into the hair, Provillus hair growth vitamins and topical hair treatment are ideal for your goals.  Grow hair longer, faster with these powerful vitamins.


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If you’re looking for a supplement to help you grow your hair faster, you’re not alone. There are many people, men and women alike, who are looking for a hair growth boosting supplement. Often times men take them so that they don’t have to worry as much about hair loss – something that is in the back of men’s minds a lot due to male pattern baldness.

Women usually like taking supplements to get longer hair. Some women just get a haircut that is too short for them and therefore need to grow their hair back out as fast as possible. Long hair is always in – long, sexy healthy hair especially. We all covet those long tresses on models such as Gisele Bundchen, there’s no denying that.

So what are some of the supplements you can take to make your hair grow longer, stronger and more silky and healthy? Thankfully, there are several, and some of them are fairly inexpensive.

The first and perhaps most well known is biotin. Biotin is a derivative of vitamin B. It helps to facilitate healthy hair growth and is thought to hasten hair growth as well. Some people who have gone through chemotherapy take it to help their hair grow stronger and longer, faster.

The only drawback I’ve heard with this one is that some people can break out from taking it. It really depends on your body chemistry in how you react to certain supplements. Some people can take biotin with no issues. It can take several weeks to begin to show its hair growth benefits, so be patient.

Omega 3 supplements are always good for the hair. These nourishing supplements help all of your connective tissues, and they help to nourish the scalp and add a rich fatty acid to the diet, which helps with skin and hair.

Oat straw is another one you can take to help your hair grow faster. Horsetail is another as well. These are both common herbs, however, you may only be able to find them included in a total hair growth supplement as they are not popular on their own. They may actually work better when combined with other herbs and vitamins anyway.

Folic acid is also important in hair growth and health, as well as vitamins C and D, however, they have a more synergistic effect when taken together for the overall health of the hair.

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I don’t want to slight men with hair loss here, as I am a woman myself and don’t want to be biased, but it seems hair loss is doubly as emotionally disturbing for a woman as it is for a man. For men, male pattern baldness and thinning of hair is somewhat expected as a right of passage into older age.

It’s a well known fact that most hair loss is androgenic in nature, which means it is caused by excessive testosterone in the body, and a hormone/chemical called DHT that is a biproduct of this hormonal abundance.

Because of this, and because men are the ones with more testosterone than women, it follows that more men suffer from hair loss (and more severe hair loss, even total balding) at younger ages. It’s more severe in earliness as well as the actual volume of hari that is lost in men usually.

However, in this day and age, more and more women are suffering from hair loss as well, and it can be quite devastating.  Sure, hair makes everyone, men and women, feel sexier and more attractive. But women are EXPECTED to have longer, flowing locks, and we “do” more with our hair.

Our hair is essentially an extension of the accessories us women wear. It is an extension of our personality and our style, and to lose that beauty, uniqueness and identity for a woman, who really doesn’t have the option of shaving her head like a man does, that can be really demoralizing.

There are also less FDA approved drugs that women can use. Women probably don’t want to use drugs that are aimed at hormonal control, such as Propecia, but they can use Minoxidil for female hair loss.  Minoxidil and most other hair loss medications take their time to work, but they can produce noticeable results after several months.

There are also some great herbal female hair loss remedies on the market which may combine medical with herbal technology to get the hair growing again. There are also countless nonprescription shampoos, serums, conditioners, scalp treatments and supplements that one can try.

It really depends on the individual, what can work for them since everyone’s chemistry is so different and the causes behind their specific type of hair loss can vary greatly.  For women, growing their hair back is akin to winning back their self esteem and boosting their ego. It’s very important to us!


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Everyone wants a thick, glossy healthy looking head of hair.  Women even jokingly refer to a “good hair day” or a “bad hair day” to indicate what kind of mood they will be in.

There are multiple shampoos, conditioners and rinses that promise you healthy looking hair but in addition to that, certain vitamins and nutritients are essential to maintaining hair health.  While shampoos and conditioners are topical help for your hair, vitamins and supplements keep your hair healthy from the inside out. 

Vitamin supplements for the hair usually contain vitamins A,C,D and E in addition to components of the B vitamins.  There is usually an especially large proportion of biotin in most of the nutritional supplements for the hair. 

Vitamin supplements for the hair generally benefit the skin and nails also.  You can find these supplements at most drug stores, natural food supplement stores and online.  There are many different companies that carry hair, skin and nails supplements.

If you want to ensure the health of your hair through food sources, there are certain foods that will benefit healthy hair.  Walnuts, salmon and green tea are good for healthy hair since they are rich in omega-3’s and polyphenols that encourage your hair to shine. 

Fruits, especially brightly colored ones, are high in vitamin C, which is essential to making collagen to keep hair and skin healthy.  For sources of vitamin A and C, eat lots of dark green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach. 

Vitamins A and C help produce sebum which is our scalp oils.   The Chinese believe eating dark sesame seeds slows graying and loss of pigment to the hair.  Eating lots of vitamin B rich foods such as beans and whole grains will encourage the growth of your hair and possibly slow down hair loss.

If you are not happy with the condition of your hair, try a dietary approach as well as different shampoos and conditioners.  There are also some excellent supplements for hair growth that help your hair grow long faster and also add to its strength, shine and resilience.

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