February 2015
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Lipstick, Lip Glosses, Balms Tested Show Toxic Heavy Metal Levels

While the main concern behind many lipsticks was that several brands – popular brands too – contained shocking levels of the toxic heavy metal lead, it seems there may be more metals lurking in our lip balms, lip glosses and favorite lipsticks.

This is why I stick to only my all-natural lip balm! I [...]

Nanoparticle Technology and Why It May Be a Health Concern

Nanoparticle technology has been quite the boon for the personal care industry (and possibly even the food industry) because it produces particles of ingredients in barely detectable, easily blended sizes. It makes for better textures, not whiteness when products like sunscreens are spread and a whole host of other seemingly desirable cosmetic effects. However, [...]

Can Sea Salt Be a Natural Deodorizer?

After knowing that baking soda was a natural deodorizer, I began to research if salts were also a natural deodorizer since baking soda is hard to completely dissolve in water, whereas salt almost completely dissolves in a small amount of water. I wanted to find out for a recipe I was using for a [...]

Natural Dandruff Remedy in Rosemary?

Rosemary is a very popular herb to cook with. I personally love to throw some of the hard little spikes into my pork and beef roasts and they are particularly savory when paired with a nice brining on a whole natural chicken, particularly when it is slow cooked.  Yum, I’m making myself hungry here!


FDA Forcing Companies to Test Nanoparticles in Products

In a surprising move, the FDA is making manufacturers who use widely accepted nanotechnology in their body care products to test the nanoparticles used for safety to the human body.  There has long been a lot of suspect safety issues in these tiny particles that are used in products from body lotions to deodorants [...]