March 2015
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Uses of Goldenseal

There was a time when I knew quite a bit about the herb called the “yellow root” goldenseal. It had quite a reputation after all in my alma mater college town, home of Kent State University. It attended school there for a few years. Never graduated from there though. I was too busy partying [...]

Flax Seed Oil and Women

I take flax seed supplements every day. I used to take a krill oil supplement, but frankly that got a bit expensive and I was getting a little tired of the fishy burps that often accompanied as dose. I also have been on a bit of a vegan kick with my diet, trying to [...]

News on Saw Palmetto

Here is some information I just received via email about an apparently flawed study that was done on saw palmetto and how it can or can’t help men with prostate issues.  Enjoy!

Last week a study was published in JAMA that brought into question the efficacy of the long established herb Saw Palmetto for [...]

What Does the Herb Ashwaghanda Do?

Ashwaghanda is an herb that is popular and much-used in Indian, or ayurvedic medicine.  It has been used for thousands of years in practice, and actually has many applications to the human body and human health.

Most notably of course, because our culture is obsessed with sex (as well as other cultures, don’t get me [...]

Best Selling Herbal Supplements

It’s no wonder more and more people are turning to self reliance when it comes to their health, wellness, mental well being, and overall longevity (ie disease prevention, quality of life sustainability).

We all want to live the happiest, healthiest lives that we can, and we want to stick around for as long as [...]