February 2015
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Turmeric : The Power Spice

Turmeric is most well known as a spice that is heavily used in Lebanese and Indian food (at least in my corner of the world).  It has a distinct, earthy smell to it and a bright orange-yellow color that surely must mean it’s loaded with goodies since the more vividly colored a food is, [...]

Marijuana May Actually Help You Stay Skinny

I think most of us have at least tried it.  We may have even heavily dabbled in it in college.  The things that are most often correlated with it are getting the munchies and paranoia, but also throw in a little relaxation and a carefree attitude as soon as it is inhaled, and those [...]

Sleep and the Common Cold

Have you ever noticed how you suddenly feel completely exhausted after you catch a cold or flu? It’s almost as if you instantly have no energy. You feel as though you could literally sleep all day long if it weren’t for the nagging list of to-do’s and household responsibilities, not to mention your career, [...]

Home Remedies You May Have Never Heard Of

Home remedies, or natural ways of dealing with everyday physical discomforts and health and beauty issues, have been around and passed down through generations.  Some do not have a lot of value and others are really effective.

One issue that bothers both men and women is drying of the skin from colder weather outdoors [...]

Special Cookbook for Acid Reflux Sufferers Released

Acid reflux is a disorder, basically, of the esophagus. What happens is, the the circular muscle that is supposed to block food from coming back up the esophagus after being partially digested has a sort of dysfunction.  It is too weak or just dysfunctional and cannot block the food from coming back up, which [...]