February 2015
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Can Ginger Help Migraines?

Ginger is a relatively cheap, herbal remedy that can be used to help calm an upset stomach, that much most people know. It’s the common knowledge of drinking ginger ale that made this herb-root famous for being able to soothe the stomach and the digestive passages.

Most ginger ales, however, don’t even contain any [...]

Can You Use Coconut or Sesame Oil as Sunblock?

I became intrigued when I was checking out some comments that were made on an article that Dr. Mercola had written about acne prevention and treatment through diet, which lead me to a few other articles about sunblock and why it’s not the best thing to be a true vampire and just stay out [...]

Natural Mint Leaf’s Stomach Soothing Abilities

My dad and I frequent a local Indian restaurant close to where I work that serves a lighter, healthier menu geared toward the health conscious who also like to add a little spice and variety in to their diet. They serve vegetarian cuisine like falaffel, vegetarian chili, and bean salads and hummus, but they [...]

More on Natural Cold Remedies

An unfortunate part of the winter season is an increase in the occurrence of the common cold.  Prevention through handwashing frequently, eating right and getting enough sleep is best.  However, when these measures sometimes fail, we may catch a cold anyway.

Besides prescription and over the counter medicines, there are lots of herbal soothers [...]

Quick and Easy Energy Remedies

We all suffer from shortages on that vital part of our being called “energy” at times.  Even those of us that seem to have endless energy and boundless enthusiasm for life and activities can get down in the dumps once in a while and want to call it a day and bury our heads [...]