March 2015
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Chemotherapy Does Give You Brain Fog

Chemotherapy, which is disappointingly still the major drug choice that is used to treat a multitude of cancers here in the US under typical Western medicine, has long been suspected of causing serious brain fog. Countless patients complain of this as they are undergoing chemo treatments, but the studies had yet to actually prove [...]

Z-Pac and Sudden Cardiac Death : What You Need to Know

The super antibiotic Z-Pac, which is the brand name for the strong antibiotic azithromycin, is a five day course of antibiotics which is one of the most often prescribed for infections and other things that can be responsive to antibiotic treatment.  The antibiotics of yesteryear are basically not strong enough for the new strains [...]

Unprecedented Allergies Here in NE Ohio

We’re having quite the struggle with allergy season here in Northeast Ohio. This is the typical time of year when pollen, mold and other typical allergens are in the air in full force anyway, but what makes it worse is the mild weather we had all winter long.

I celebrate that mild weather, trust [...]

Vaccinations Update

Vaccines have created more controversy than ever in the past decade as more and more parents are opting to not vaccinate their children against potentially life and health threatening diseases that have been virtually eradicated due to the vaccination process.

Some say the fear of vaccines is unwarranted.  The mainstream media has even discredited [...]

Pain Medications Can’t Seem to Get it Right

The adverse side effects of so many modern prescsription pain medications are evident. Not only that, their addictive nature has spiraled out of control.  This has been drawn into the national spotlight as several celebrities have fallen victim to dangerous drug cocktails that often involve highly addictive pain medications like Vicodin and Oxycontin (see [...]