March 2015
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Are There Natural Remedies to Lower Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is a problem that has reached epic proportions here in the states (and elsewhere unfortunately).  It is the result of a highly processed diet full of sodium as well as a lack of exercise, which in and of itself helps to lower high blood pressure since it has stress reducing capabilities. [...]

Organic Product Demand Out of Control and Probiotics Update

First in the news for today I have what I think is a really interesting and promising topic all at once.  The demand for organic produce and foods is growing exponentially, and the demand is more than what it being produced, creating somewhat of a shortage and providing a lot of opportunity for ambitious [...]

Herbal Remedies for Diabetes?

Many people afflicted by diabetes search for an herbal remedy to help them control this life threatening and life changing condition.  Diabetes is unfortunately more common now than it was just a mere few decades ago.

There are reasons that we cannot control such as genetically inherited diabetes. But there are also many more [...]

How Acidophilus Can Help with IBS

IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an increasingly common digestive disorder that involves the last part of the digestive and elimination process – bowel movements.  It can result in constant constipation, constant diarrhea, of alternating bouts with both. In other words, it interrupts your life, can be totally embarrassing and is very uncomfortable to [...]

Natural Remedies to Lower Cholesterol : Do They Work?

There are a variety of natural and folk remedies that have the ability to help lower you levels of harmful cholesterol.  Elevated cholesterol levels are a very important marker for several serious health issues, including heart disease and risk of stroke, so it is a topic that is given much attention by the medical [...]