March 2015
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Is “Feeling Good” All Really in Your Mind?

My in-laws are far from the hippie type. They are realistic and practical. They aren’t tree huggers, and they’re not about to be seen at a yoga or meditation class. However, one thing that has always struck me is that they never complain about their little ailments.

They have some problems, but they always [...]

Stress Does Cause DNA Damage, Increases Aging Rate

There is now conclusive evidence that stress can actually shorten your life and make the life you’re living a less healthy and prosperous one.  A newer study has followed various people with different degrees of stress in their lives – namely their jobs were the source of their stress, and looked at some key [...]

Aging and Free Radicals

I have been reading a lot of Dr. NV Perricone’s books on aging skin, and how to help stop and reverse certain signs of aging, and one thing he constantly hammers home is the importance of helping to stop the ever so evil free radical.

While free radicals are constantly present in ourbodies from [...]

New Page on HGH and Anti Aging

We’ve got a new page that looks at the popularity of natural HGH enhancing supplements and products, as well as medical injections of the hormone which promises to bring back some of the youthful qualities we may miss.

These qualities include things that impact our physical appearance as well as things that impact our [...]

Dietary Ways to Lower Cholesterol

High cholesterol is a big indicator of serious illness to come. It is one of the biggest markers used to determine risk of things like heart attack, stroke and other serious potentially life threatening or debilitating conditions.  It is therefore of the utmost importance that we keep this important health reading within healthy ranges.