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My in-laws are far from the hippie type. They are realistic and practical. They aren’t tree huggers, and they’re not about to be seen at a yoga or meditation class. However, one thing that has always struck me is that they never complain about their little ailments.

They have some problems, but they always seem happy. They always seem ready to go, ready to have fun, and they just really seem to enjoy life. They enjoy their grandkids immensely and seem to have endless energy for them, whereas even me, being younger and childless, seem to tire out easily with the demands of young children.

Something they said this past weekend when I was visiting them really resonated with me because it’s just so TRUE. They said that you can make yourself feel better by talking yourself into it. It’s all in your head was their motto. And they couldn’t be more right.

Now I’m not saying there aren’t some people with terrible diseases that they are either born with or that they’ve come down with somewhere in life. There are always those exceptions. But what I do notice is that a lot of people who seem to be chronically ill also have the mentality that they have no control over their own destiny when it comes to their health and well-being.

People who are chronically sick or that tend to catch everything, or that generally just suffer that malaise that comes over us all once in a while – but they seem to suffer from it all the time…You know what I mean. Those are the people who tend to have a negative outlook on life and who tend to also think they are victims of circumstance.

You have to “will” yourself to feel good all the time. Of course, you’re not always going to feel like a million bucks. That’s not natural either. However, you should generally be living life with most of your days being good ones that you can count as a high quality day in terms of how you’re physically feeling.

Chronic fatigue syndrome and other illnesses in which chronic fatigue and other life-sapping conditions are often linked to depression. No surprise since there is a HUGE mind body connection. Psychosomatic symptoms are a very real thing. That’s why they’ve been studied at length, and that’s why so many people can see this at work in their own life. You may notice that when you’re feeling down mentally, your body’s immunity also tends to be compromised.

Live by the motto that there is a true mind/body connection, and you should be able to take on the challenges that life has put in front of you, whether it’s an emotional challenge or a physical one.


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There is now conclusive evidence that stress can actually shorten your life and make the life you’re living a less healthy and prosperous one.  A newer study has followed various people with different degrees of stress in their lives – namely their jobs were the source of their stress, and looked at some key factors that have to do with both longevity and health.

These factors can also determine how apt you may be to get certain diseases like cancer and diabetes, heart disease and other potentially life threatening or shortening diseases. The main factor reviewed in the study was related to telomeres, which are the sections of the DNA that wear away and get shorter with time.

As we age, these telomeres actually shorten. They essentially can reflect how likely it is that we will live to a certain age, and they wear down more and more the more stress we have in our lives. This all suggests that stress levels directly contribute to DNA damage and DNA aging, which is the shortening of these important pieces of our DNA.

The telomeres also serve as protection mechanisms for our strands of DNA – the bodyguard of this important genetic building block if you will.  They protect against wear and tear and keep our DNA in working order and dictating how our body works and whether it functions effectively.

As the DNA strands get damaged with age (and stress), they tend to mess up the direction they are giving the rest of the body. They can mutate and cause errors in the genetic code which can lead to a variety of life threatening and life altering diseases and disabilities.

Not only does this DNA damage caused by stress wear away at one’s psyche, health, happiness and well being, but it also causes our bodies to age much faster and to become more susceptible to dysfunction, thereby shortening our life span.

What’s the lesson in all this? A high stress job or lifestyle just isn’t worth it. While it is true that moderate stress is actually good for us because it propels us to better ourselves and to think outside the box, evolve and grow as a person, chronic and serious stress can have devastating consequences on the body.


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I have been reading a lot of Dr. NV Perricone’s books on aging skin, and how to help stop and reverse certain signs of aging, and one thing he constantly hammers home is the importance of helping to stop the ever so evil free radical.

While free radicals are constantly present in ourbodies from the day we are born until the day we die, and are in fact a necessary part of the lifecycle of cells, they are incredibly destructive to thehealth and longevity of our body’s cells, which iswhat we are fully made up of, and cause an earlier death and damage to the cell than need be when there are too many of them.

We can get too many free radicals and the newly named active molecule called the hydroxylradical, that essentially can overrun our bodies and destroy tens of thousands of healthy cells when we do certain things.

Those certain things include having a bad diet with very little live food containing things like vitamin C, A, and omega 3’s, catechins (found commonly in green tea, which is an excellent source for energy as well as potent antioxidants – especially if grown organically) and polyphenols.

These are all powerful antioxidants, getting exposed to the sun in excess, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and consuming too much sugar, to name the biggest culprits of rampant free radicals.

We can of course control certain aspects of our lives by taking high quality supplements such as the natural HGH supplements we talk about here, Vitamin C, omega 3 fish oils, and tons of other high antioxidant vitamins and supplements, we can stay away from UV exposure, and we can of course either never pick up a cigarette in our lives, or quit if we’re hooked on the destructive habit.

Free radicals ruin our cells by attaching to portions of the cell membrane, and many times contributing to the cell’s death or destruction by leaking out vital nutrients from the nucleus of the cell. This weakens all kinds of cells, including the white blood cells that are there to fend off any type of infection or invading body.

These cells are necessary to our health, vitality, well being, and most of all, our enduring age and longevity, which is of growing attention and concern in today’s more long-lived society.

Because we are able to better research what makes us healthier and what compounds found in nature and strengthened by cultivation methods now known, we are now able to effectively put off aging a little more than what nature’s course would have us take.

It’s not easy though, it certainly requires attention, dedication, and self education to avoid the foods that will produce the most free radicals and cell-destroying toxins and to enjoy only the foods that enhance antioxidant production and free radical destruction, preserving the integrity of every cell possible in one’s body.

Because our technology is better and our knowledge of nutrition and other risk factors that can accelerate the aging process for us, we are likely to continue to live longer and longer as the rules of evolution usually follow.

But we also need to keep keen attention on how to prevent the premature aging and destruction of cells, all of which can definitely increase our chances of diseases such as cancer and other diseases that occur when too many of our cells are destroyed.

Some of my favorite antioxidants are found in supplements containing potent vitamin c ester, and alpha lipoic acid is one of my favorites that I find helps my skin remain smooth and young looking.

However, I also enjoy organically grown green tea with a smidge of stevia sweetener to take the bitterness out (and some lemon here and there too), and I love eating blueberries and other deeply colored fruits, including strawberries.

You’ll find once you start eating these nutrient rich foods that not only will your youthful, vital look return, but you will be full of energy. There are also some great supplements for antiaging like natural HGH supplements which can help you to maintain that feeling as well.  

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We’ve got a new page that looks at the popularity of natural HGH enhancing supplements and products, as well as medical injections of the hormone which promises to bring back some of the youthful qualities we may miss.

These qualities include things that impact our physical appearance as well as things that impact our ability to think, remember and perform mental and phsychological exercises efficiently. 

They also include energy levels, which we all feel we could use a little more of as we get older, the ability to sleep well, and things like sex drive, hair color, skin smoothness, and a bevy of other things that tend to fade as we get older. 

Ah, getting older is so fun sometimes. One things I’d never sacrifice is all the wiseness and security I’ve gained with age. However, some of the other stuff I’d give up :)

Without further ado, here is our new page on the Anti Aging Benefits of HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

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High cholesterol is a big indicator of serious illness to come. It is one of the biggest markers used to determine risk of things like heart attack, stroke and other serious potentially life threatening or debilitating conditions.  It is therefore of the utmost importance that we keep this important health reading within healthy ranges.

One way to seriously lower cholesterol, along with  salt and sugar in your diet, both of which are also huge factors in increasing health risks, is to limit your consumption of processed foods. This includes anything that comes in a box, can, frozen tray, frozen bag, or otherwise prepackaged, premade products.

The reason for this is that these foods are often loaded with fats, sugars and salts and are also loaded with preservatives that add to health woes and can potentially raise your cholesterol rates.  Avoiding prepackaged foods is one of the best ways to ensure you are eating correctly for your health and the health of your heart.

Trans fats are the biggest no-no when it comes to regulating cholesterol readings. Trans fats are partially hydrogenated oils. They are found in thousands of foods, and are particularly abundant in fast foods and prepackaged foods as they supply a lot of flavor and more stable preservation at a lower cost.

A great way to increase heart and cholesterol healthy foods is to avoid prepackaged and make your own meals. Include low fat dairy, such as natural, preservative free and preferably organic yogurts, wholesome unsalted nuts rich in cholesterol-lowering omega 3 fatt y acids like walnuts, almonds and brazil nuts, whole grains such as quinoa, and low fat white meats such as organically farmed free range chicken, pork and white fish.’

Fruits to include that can help your cholesterol include pretty much any fruit. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit are excellent.  Blueberries, raspberries, acai berries and strawberries all pack an antioxidant punch while helping lower cholesterol by adding lots of fiber and vitamins without any fat content.

Steamed vegetables are excellent when drizzled with a bit of olive oil (extra virgin) and some light seasoning.  Broccoli is a favorite, as well as spinach, for helping to lower cholesterdol levels and add important vitamins to the diet.


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