March 2015
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Destructive Effects of Stress on Your Health

I’m smack in the middle of a highly stressful day. In fact, I’m taking a break to write this is a way of therapeutically helping me through the extreme stress so that I can reflect on how I let it get to me and what it did to me physically. Hopefully, like most of [...]

Yoga as an Antidepressant : But Doesn’t ANY Exercise Help Depression?

Yoga has been implicated in helping many different types of psychological disorders (not really disorders, more like common human conditions if you look around today’s high stress world).

But when I see these types of studies, I can’t help but wonder, is it really the practice of yoga, or is it the broader fact [...]

Herbal Alternatives for Depression and Nervousness

There is a better way to manage stress and anxiety – naturally and without man-made drugs or narcotics. This natural antidepressant and anti anxiety and anti stress remedy actually contains several pure botanicals, natural compounds and herbs that work in unison to help balance mood, elevate our natural “anti-anxiety” and relaxation chemicals in the brain.


St. Johns Wort vs. SAM-e

We obviously think natural is better, or else we wouldn’t be writing about herbal remedies and natural health.  Same thing applies when it comes to treating depression.  We aren’t the only ones who believe natural is better.  In fact, various colleges have begun educating doctors specifically to aid their patients using natural products; those [...]

Let Go of Grudges – It’s Healthy

A couple of things I’ve observed lately have caused me to write this brief opinion piece about grudges and why I think (actually I know) they are unhealthy and really nothing but destructive to one’s life ultimately.

A grudge is something that you hold against another person or maybe even a group of people [...]