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Everyone knows at this point that smoking is a deadly habit. Even though people know that the habit is not just one that has no adverse effects on their health, many people still remain in a state of denial and think “it will never happen to me” when it comes to awful diseases related to smoking such as heart disease and various types of cancer – most notably lung cancer.

Although studies have varied in the actual mortality rates for smokers vs. non-smokers, mostly because there are so many other lifestyle factors that are involved in mortality rates, they have always concluded that smoking has a definite impact on life span.

In most cases, it shortens the life span considerably. In other words, you won’t see too many octogenarians or even more so, centenarians who are puffing away on a cigarette. Smoking seems to be indicative of poorer health, all other factors excluded in other words.

The most recent study confirmed all that bad stuff we associate with puffing on cigarettes regularly. They confirmed that both men and women equally, experience roughly a 40% increase in the risk that they will die ten years earlier than they normally would have had they not smoked regularly.

So smoking appears to come with a fairly high probability that it will have about a ten year life span premium. Is it really worth it? I think this is an important study to look at not only if you’re a smoker currently, but also for teens and other young people perhaps in college to consider before they even pick up the habit.

Smoking is definitely a hard habit to break. However, there are some excellent tools at your disposal today that were not available back when I quit smoking. At least they are more well-known and easily accessed due to the information age we live in. So take advantage of one of these valuable methods to smoking cessation and take a step in the right direction – a long and healthy life.


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Stop Smoking Aids – the Natural Way to Quit Smoking Once and For All.. “Quitting smoking is often seen as one of the top New Years resolutions, and yet many more thousands of people seem to pick up the habit every year.

Nicotine is one of the most highly addictive controlled substances on the market today.  And the price of a pack of cigarettes has multiplied exponentially over the past decade, making smoking an even less attractive habit than it already is to many people.  “Stop smoking” – it sounds so easy, and yet seems so daunting when you actually try, right?” Quitting smoking can be made so much easier when you have a natural stop smoking aid like my choice Zero Nicotine that will help “take the edge” off and equalize your body through what many consider a very difficult period of adjustment when you stop smoking.

Most smokers have tried quitting a few times, only to go back to the habit again due to common side effects as weight gain, withdrawal symptoms such as depression, and general anxiety.  Little do they know that once this initial period is over, they will experience less anxiety, less depression, and an overall better sense of well being and health.  Not only that, people who don’t smoke have been shown to get sick less often, especially with respiratory colds and flus.

The smoking cessation product I’m speaking of is a reputable, dependable and effective product that is manufactured by an established self help and health aid company. It has helped countless people kick the habit of smoking with less effort, and with dramatically less withdrawal symptoms than if they tried to do it on their own.

Zero Nicotine is an all natural, very effective continuous release smoking cessation patch, so it constantly releases the right ingredients to curb your cravings for nicotine all day long, reducing your likelihood of withdrawal, and most of all, of you picking up a smoke!

It is one of the most acclaimed all-natural stop smoking aids on the market today, and counts many satisfied customers in its clientele. Also, the nicotine content in your system will gradually decrease as you continue to wear the patch.

To help you speed up this important process, the Zero Nicotine stop smoking aid  contains ingredients with distinctive antioxidant properties, to detoxify your body and eliminate the nicotine stored in your cells. Most of the harmful effects of smoking will start to disappear once you stop smoking completely.

I read the most fascinating article about people who are diagnosed with a disease that is clearly related to smoking such as COPD, lung cancer, Emphysema and other commonly related diseases.  You would think people would quit the habit after finding out they ar diagnosed with one of the top causes of death, but many of them don’t. It’s not quite fifty percent of people who don’t quit but let me tell you it’s darn near that.

Roughly estimated, it’s about 40% of people who are diagnosed with one of these devasatating diseases that still do not quit smoking.  This goes to show just how mentally and physically addictive nicotine and tobacco are to the human body.  I even have a personal story to tell about this.

Someone close to me in my family was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his late fifties.  He never did quit smoking the entire time even when he was going through chemotherapy and all the other various poison therapies he unfortunately had to be on.

Now, I get that when a person is near the end of their life and are in the terminal stages of cancer they should just “do what they want”, but there is always a chance to come back, and smoking carcinogens into your lungs is certainly a good way to hasten the disease along.

He really couldn’t quit. He was that addicted to smoking and figured he still wanted to enjoy the habit even after his cancer took a turn for the worse and he became terminal.  Stopping the habit is indeed challenging. I was a smoker in college and had a hard time quitting, even though I had asthma and I never should have picked up the habit in the first place.

My conscious, intelligent mind was telling me to quit, yet my body and mind were also telling me how good it felt to hold that cigarette in my hand, inhale slowly and let the chemicals take control of my mind, giving me that great buzz that cigarettes give you.

It is indeed a huge challenge, but it’s worth it. I’ve been off cigarettes for almost a decade now and feel so much healthier.  It’s a shame that so many people, even after diagnosed with life threatening disease, cannot find the willpower to quit – this is a testament to how addictive and dangerous this pastime is.


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Chantix, a blockbuster drug that has been prescribed mostly as a smoking cessation drug, has recently been linked to a higher rate of suicide than smokers who try to quit without the help of a drug.  The suprising part is that even nicotine patches were linked to a slightly higher risk of suicide in smokers who are trying to quit smoking.

However, the Chantix was statistically significant enough to warrant some concern.  Chantix is supposed to be a drug that helps with anxiety and mood. However, it is primarily prescribed for smokers, because these are two things that suffer when one tries to quit smoking.

Of course, there are some herbal smoking cessation products as well that can work wonders for those trying to quit permanently.  Chantix not only comes with a potentially higher risk of suicide, but it also must carry warnings on the label for the possibility of black outs.

The drug has actually been banned for use by pilots because of the risk of blacking out.  The increased risk of depression and suicide are also listed as warnings on the label due to regulations regarding such serious potential side effects.

The company that makes Chantix is of course defending the product, saying that there are enough customers of Chantix that have had great success in quitting smoking with the drug to make up for the few that may have adverse side effects.  When taking a drug like this with potential side effects or risks, it is important to use your judgement and aks yourself if the risk is worth the reward.

If you think quitting smoking is something you must do for your health, you can take a drug like this or you can also try an herbal or natural method for quitting as well. Either one is really geared toward controlling mood, appetite and cravings so that your risk of gaining weight and moodiness is reduced as much as it possibly can be when you quit this hard to kick habit.


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In addition to the multiple ways that smoking is toxic to your health, women have yet another reason not to pick up the habit, or to quit smoking if they currently engage in this risky pastime.  Men do too, since they have a higher risk of prostate cancer among other things though, so men are by no way counted out.

But this article is about women. So, let’s talk about why women have yet another reason to stop smoking cigarettes.  New research has indicated that in addition to increasing women’s risk of heart disease and multiple kinds of cancer, smoking also apparently is linked to higher rates of bladder problems.

These problems include frequency of urination, discomfort in urination, and an increase in frequency and urgency both when it comes to urinating.  The women in the study who smoked reported much more incidence of urinary tract and bladder problems.

The study authors were careful to note that smoking in itself is not indicated to be the sole cause of urinary tract issues in women, however, there does seem to be a link. It may be that women who smoke also have other lifestyle habits or predispositions naturally.

There is no clear link between nicotine, smoke biproducts, or anything else that smoking emits that would cause incontinence, but there is some sort of link because the results of the survey indicate it. 

Researchers hope that younger smokers will use this as an excuse to quit smoking. This, coupled with the fact that smoking causes premature skin aging and teeth yellowing, may appeal to younger smokers a little more than other things that seem more unlikely to people at a young age like heart disease and cancer, so researchers are hoping they use this to their advantage and get more people to quit.

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