March 2015
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Smoking Whacks a Decade Off

Everyone knows at this point that smoking is a deadly habit. Even though people know that the habit is not just one that has no adverse effects on their health, many people still remain in a state of denial and think “it will never happen to me” when it comes to awful diseases related [...]

Smoking Aids Can Really Help Ease the Pain of Quitting

Stop Smoking Aids – the Natural Way to Quit Smoking Once and For All.. “Quitting smoking is often seen as one of the top New Years resolutions, and yet many more thousands of people seem to pick up the habit every year.

Nicotine is one of the most highly addictive controlled substances on the [...]

Would You Quit Smoking After Finding Out You Are Ill?

I read the most fascinating article about people who are diagnosed with a disease that is clearly related to smoking such as COPD, lung cancer, Emphysema and other commonly related diseases.  You would think people would quit the habit after finding out they ar diagnosed with one of the top causes of death, but [...]

Chantix Anti Smoking Drug Linked to Higher Suicide Risk

Chantix, a blockbuster drug that has been prescribed mostly as a smoking cessation drug, has recently been linked to a higher rate of suicide than smokers who try to quit without the help of a drug.  The suprising part is that even nicotine patches were linked to a slightly higher risk of suicide in [...]

Women Who Smoke Have More Bladder Issues

In addition to the multiple ways that smoking is toxic to your health, women have yet another reason not to pick up the habit, or to quit smoking if they currently engage in this risky pastime.  Men do too, since they have a higher risk of prostate cancer among other things though, so men [...]