March 2015
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Why Are “Nightshade” Veggies Vilified as Toxic?

I consider myself to be relatively educated on food and how to eat. It certainly doesn’t mean I always eat the right foods for my health and weight maintenance, but at least I have a pretty solid foundation of understanding about what my body does best on, and what the ins and outs of [...]

Lipstick, Lip Glosses, Balms Tested Show Toxic Heavy Metal Levels

While the main concern behind many lipsticks was that several brands – popular brands too – contained shocking levels of the toxic heavy metal lead, it seems there may be more metals lurking in our lip balms, lip glosses and favorite lipsticks.

This is why I stick to only my all-natural lip balm! I [...]

Love Chinese and Asian Sauces , Hate the MSG!

There are so many yummy, savory Asian food sauces out there that are ready-made, sitting on the shelf and ready for you to pour them over your favorite dishes like chicken stir fry, a delicious veggie stir fry, brown rice or vermicelli made with brown rice (very good, just tried it), or whatever other [...]

Japan’s Fukushima Misleading Public About Radiation Levels?

There have long been reports and speculation that the situation at the Fukushima nuclear power plants is much more dire than the Japanese government would have everyone believe.  Some experts are pleading with other governments for intervention to help contain the nuclear reactors that they think are very vulnerable still to another earthquake.

Many [...]

Toxins of the Past : Part II

Here’s more on the toxic chemicals and materials we used to handle like no one’s business until it was found these materials were highly deadly and toxic.

Madame Curie herself, the researcher who discovered radioactivity (radium and polonium, she actually coined the term radioactivity after discovering these active isotopes), exposed herself to high levels [...]