February 2015
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What Can Niacin Do For You?

I’ll be honest. I really didn’t know much about the nutritional supplement (and naturally found nutrient in foods) niacin before I read an interesting article about how it is being used for heart health.

All I really knew about niacin is that it could cause facial flushing (redness) in the face if you took [...]

Vitamin D Crucial to Hair Growth?

We know that vitamin D is crucial to an effective and efficient immune system, cancer prevention and overall cell protection as well as the effective utilization of calcium by the body.  There are TONS of additional studies being done right now that are pointing to even more benefits of this inexpensive and easily attained [...]

The Importance of Vitamins in Health and Longevity

Vitamins are a vital source of strength and vitality (as well as disease prevention) for our bodies, and a crucial part of any diet. While it’s widely accepted that we should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to maintain healthy intakes, there’s a growing demand for supplements to boost the vitamin consumption.

If you’ve [...]

Vitamin C: Yet Another Use?

Vitamin C is a really great antioxidant vitamin. It’s an excellent and very cheap way to help fight off the free radicals that deluge us and our bodies every single day. It’s water soluble, so that means you can eat foods with it and even take supplements on top of that without overdosing on [...]

Vitamin D May Help You Avoid Almost Any Type of Cancer

Vitamin D has emerged as a major player in the battle to prevent cancers from forming in the first place. This included several types of cancer, almost all of which affect both men and women. Why would a vitamin play such a pivotal role in the potential to prevent so many types of cancers?