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I just got done scarfing down some mini dark chocolate bars and I can tell you from lots of experience, there really is something to the idea that chocolate makes you happier. Albeit, it may only abate things like anxiety and depression for as long as it takes for the euphoria induced by the sheer flavor and sugar of it all, but it nonetheless is a very potent mood enhancer.

This seems to be especially so for women.  Not that I’m prejudiced against women – heck I am one!  Every time I’m having a bad day at work, it is a no-fail solution for me to take a break, go down for a walk, and grab a dark chocolate bar or snack of some sort.

Why would chocolate make you feel this way? Well, there are some natural chemicals in chocolate that induce feelings of euphoria as well as acting as a bit of an aphrodisiac.

It is a well known fact that chocolate can help get women and men in the mood.  Another thing though is that this is all because of its ability to enhance the mood, which is why it boosts libido. After all, who doesn’t feel like getting frisky with their loved one when they feel good?

Chocolate not only has some great antioxidant benefits, but this overlooked mood enhancement factor is not something to take lightly at all. It is a real phenomenon that doesn’t work for everyone, but it sure does work for a vast majority.

One recent example for me was when I was having a really terrible day at work. I felt like I was going to cry actually, or lose it on someone because the pressure was just too great.  I knew I needed an instant pick me up.

So I did two things. I took a little break, got out of the building and moved around a lot, walking very briskly, and went to the store and bought myself some dark chocolate covered raisins. As soon as I popped those babies in my mouth, all seemed to be right – at least more right with the world.

Chocolate does something with your endorphins that sugar alone cannot do. I’ve experienced it countless times myself.  Dark chocolate usually seems to work best, perhaps because it has more of the active cocoa ingredient in it than milk chocolate does, or perhaps the flavor evokes some sort of  mood change in me.

Whatever the reason, I know that it certainly has a huge impact on my mood, and I’ll continue to use it in times of need.

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