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Ok, ok, now we aren’t making inflammatory, controversial statements here. Really, we’re not. But this is actually a scientific study that was commissioned, to what end I don’t know to be honest, about the correlation between a person’s IQ (their Intelligence Quotient) and whether they smoke or not.

Apparently there is a link between lower IQ’s and smoking that they wanted to quantify, as well as qualify, with research into which one causes which. In other words, does smoking actually lower your IQ, or is it the other way around, if your IQ is lower to begin with, are you more likely to engage in the practice of smoking cigarettes?  They should have done a second study on whether IQ changes with those that quit smoking cigarettes, I’d be interested to learn that to, and to conclude finally whether smoking is actually connected to a loss of intelligence.

Scientists are saying that there is a correlation between lower intelligence and not only smoking, but how much you smoke, with lower IQ’d persons smoking more.  The study was done on about 20,000 israeli military recruits, and there was evidence that the two were linked. They then wanted to go in a little further and figure out what the correlation meant, if people actually seemed to lose or gain IQ points according to whether they smoked or not, and how much they smoked.

It’s not too much of a surprise, since people with lower IQ’s also often have a higher likelihood to abuse alcohol and other substances as well. Definitely, this is not always the case, there are always highly intelligent individuals who participate in these types of activities, it’s just that statistically it happens to be those with lower IQ’s.

So see, hey, join in the smoking cessation revolution, and kick that dirty habit to the curb, your intelligence, or the perception of your intelligence by others may depend on it :)

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