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We discussed a while ago that a study was published which pointed to cinnamon as a potential natural remedy for helping to regulate blood sugar, and as a potential natural supplement for diabetics who wanted to regulate their blood sugar more naturally or as an added benefit to any medication they were taking.

However, it’s important to note that patients who are on blood sugar medication should not take these doses of cinnamon without the consultation of their doctor because cinnamon at levels that are deemed therapeutic against high blood sugar may in fact make the blood sugar go too low when combined with one another.

A study was done on patients with diabetes. Patients took varying amounts of cinnamon, up to about one teaspoon equivalent and under, were shown to all benefit the same amount with both their blood glucose levels dropping to better, more healthy levels, and a surprise benefit fo a drop in their cholesterol as well.

It is rather funny too, that I just read another article about how when one feels a craving for sugar, they should sprinkle cinnamon on top of their food, and this helps to cure the craving. I can’t help but wonder that the two are related to sugar cravings and blood sugar levels, since a little bit of this spice actually helps to lower the cravings for something that increases blood glucose as well.

This finding may be very useful for those that are dieting as well, as a natural appetite suppressant to help get you through the day without the spiking blood sugar levels that typically drive the appetite up and out of the universe. Typically a half teaspoon in the morning with breakfast may help you stabilize your glucose levels for the day. Just don’t over do it, and pregnant woman shoule limit their intake of any therapeutic form of spices or herbs as well.

Cinnamon has also been implicated as an antibacterial agent, and it is also thought to help stimulate circulation, among a bevy of other benefits. Just try to buy organic also so you’re not getting pesticides in with your little dose of cinnamon.

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