August 2014
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Considering an Alkaline Water Ionizer Purchase

It’s funny how you find out about new things in the health and wellness realm.  It seems like all I could think about after learning about the health benefits of drinking alkaline, ionized water, was doing the research to find out which machines were the best, highest quality units that you could get for your money, and what the real health benefits were, if any, of drinking alkaline water.  I must admit, I didn’t even know alkaline water existed, nor did I know that a lot of our tap and even bottled water we drink today is actually on the more acidic side usually.

I did however, know about the alkaline diet and the accolades and raves it has received from thousands of people who claim it has helped them with everything from losing weight and beating diabetes and high blood pressure, to helping to treat and even beat cancer.  There are so many stories out there that it’s mind boggling about the benefits of an alkaline diet, but there are also a lot of doubters.

I must say, I’m naturally curious when it comes to any news about improving health, but I also tend to be a skeptic and due TONS of research before buying into any of it, or purchasing something that is a fairly large investment.  By the way, the better water ionizer and alkalinizers reach into the thousands range, especially one that popularized the concept over here in the US called Kangen water, which is about a $4 thousand machine, most people say that price is to support the multi level marketing concept  it is marketed under though, to pay commissions to multiple tiers of people for one machine.

Kangen water was actually how I was introduced to the concept of ionized, alkaline water.  A friend at work had actually seen a presentation about Kangen water and was sold on the health benefits and multiple uses of the water, as well as the exceptional smooth taste of the water.  I did taste it, and it is incredible.  The only description I could think of was “smooth” because it seemed to be very soft and actually seemed to hydrate me much better than “normal” water.  I’ve always wondered if I was borderline diabetic because I am constantly drinking water throughout the day, but the Kangen water really seemed to fix my wagon when it came to hydration.  You just still wanted to drink more because it tasted so darn good.

What I did find out through my research though is that Kangen water is simply ionized alkaline micro water, and although I still think it’s a good machine, I found out that you can purchase a product that puts out the same alkalinity as Kangen water, and is also ionized, for around half the cost or less.  More to come on this fascinating concept, and my eventual foray into the world of ionized microwater, as I’m searching right now for which machine I will buy, and I’ve got it narrowed down to two models which are in the $1600 price range, still an investment, but the way I look at it is that it will save me tons off bottled or purified water, and I’ll be helping to alkalinize and better hydrate my body, as well as detox it from acidic buildup, which supposedly contributes to a lot of disease and illness.  As I said, more to come on this exciting experiment!

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