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Anxiety is a natural reaction to all of the adjustments required to participate in daily living.  Just the normal everyday routines of paying the bills, running the household and doing your workday at the office or elsewhere can evoke anxiety.

Even doing something as enjoyable as going on a vacation with all of the preparations for your home, children, pets and financing can induce feelings of anxiety.  In short, anxiety is part of the human condition.

Anxiety does play a positive role in motivating you to meet deadlines and try to increase items of interest in your life such as coming up with new and unique ways to increase your income or taking up a new hobby.  The downside of anxiety occurs when it spins out of control and becomes overwhelming diminishing the general quality of your life.

Excessive anxiety and worrying can lead to insomnia, sudden increases or decreases in appetite, troubles with interpersonal relationships at work or at home and a host of other problems.  Over time, chronic high anxiety can lead to depression.

Anti-anxiety prescription medications are becoming increasingly popular as a method for managing our daily stress in our fast paced society.  The use of these medications play an important role in cases where anxiety and depression have become crippling and are very necessary when an individual is so deep of a state of depression that they may harm themselves.

However, for a lower level of anxiety or milder types of depression, there are herbal natural remedies that can be used.  Also, for any kind of anxiety, there are coping skills such as deep breathing, yoga or meditation that can be tried before turning to prescription medications. 

There are little or no side effects to these methods as they are natural.  Another avenue for dealing with high anxiety issues is the use of psychotherapy.  Counseling is often overlooked and many people go straight to prescription medications without the benefit of this option. 

Often, a psychotherapist can help you cope effectively with personality trait disorders that cause constant emotional distress and excessive anxiety in the first place.  Counseling doesn’t hold the problems of tolerance and dependence that many anti anxiety medications do.  Counseling generally takes a longer time to be effective but the results are often longer lasting.

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