I remember the many years ago when I had frequent bouts of urinary tract infections when I was a young girl. I’m not sure why, but I tended to get them as a child, but as an adult I’ve never had one. Perhaps it is because I incessantly drink water all day long, sipping on it constantly. I’m a naturally thirsty person!

Sure, I do urinate a lot, but I find that if I go any period of time without water, I just feel dehydrated very easily.  This is beneficial to the urinary tract because it keeps the urine less concentrated and constantly flushes it out so that the likelihood of bacteria growing is less.

That’s what a urinary tract infection is caused by, by the way – bacteria colonizing and attaching to the walls of the urinary tract, causing painful urination. Sometimes the pain can be so great that one doesn’t even want to go to the bathroom and they hold it, which just makes the infection worse.

We’ve all heard of the remedy for these painful infections – cranberry juice.  I remember my mother making me consumer a lot of cranberry juice to get rid of these infections and it really did seem to clear it up within a day or so. There was never really conclusive proof as to why or how it would have worked, but people just kept using this home remedy for decades.

Now apparently there is proof that drinking real, pure cranberry juice really does help to clear this type of infection up.  In fact, people who do drink cranberry juice often tend to hardly ever get these urinary tract infections. We are talking mostly women here since women are more susceptible to them than men are.

Women with a history of chronic UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections) actually saw almost a 50% improvement in their condition and less occurrences of these infections when they regularly take in cranberry juice. In fact, there are also other juices that may have a similar preventive effect on UTI’s.

Cranberry tablets apparently have a similar effect as the whole juice does, although some find the actual juice from the berry is more effective. Of course, in tablet or capsule form it is more convenient and can be taken at any time.

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