March 2015
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Death of MCA of Beastie Boys

I really wanted to write about the death of a muscial genius, in my opinion, and to reflect on what a devastating loss it was not only to the rap/rock phenom who has lasted over decades of my life and influenced not only the music I listen to but that millions of other Generation X’ers did.

Adam Yauch, otherwise known as the MCA part of the trio Beastie Boys, succumbed to cancer of the salivary gland just a few short weeks ago. After not being seen in public for a very long time, it came as a surprise to me because I supposed I just thought he would be ok since earlier interviews I had read with him when he was just diagnosed seemed to be very upbeat, and he was told that the cancer was still in a very treatable stage.

I even got choked up when, just a few weeks later after they were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame, my husband and I watched the ceremony, and his bandmates were there, just a short time before his death, without him, reading a really lovely letter he wrote to his fans to the audience.

It has really come as a blow to the generation that his music entertained, not only because we will miss his musical genius, but also because I think it hits us in a way about our own mortality. Here is someone in his late forties, by all means nowhere near the end of his life, and he died of a disease that we all thought was pretty treatable.

Not only that, but he had a healthy lifestyle. He was a vegan, he wasn’t overweight, and he didn’t smoke that I know of.  He also obviously had the financial means for the best treatments. Then again, so did Steve Jobs and cancer eventually took his life as well.

I think it just makes you reflect on the utter preciousness of life and remember how important it is to live every moment to the fullest. Because you never know when it might come, and you want to die with no regrets, and certainly knowing that you left a mark of kindness, love and forgiveness on the world.

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