I want to point out that the study I’m about to talk about did not cover any of the beneficial short term effects of the herb ginkgo biloba as it relates to memory, but rather was a study that was ongoing over a few years to see if those who took ginkgo on a daily basis had any upper hand over those who didn’t when it came ot dementia rates in later age. 

The findings were actually that the group who did not take the ginkgo had lower overall rates of dementia, which of course is disappointing, but I’m not sure it disproves that the herb is not good for concentration and short term memory, which is what many of us take it for, according to the millions that are currently spent on the herbal supplement currently here in the US.  It must be working for SOMEONE if the supplement is being bought up at that rate, which is quite a bit for any alternative medicine if you ask me. 

I’ve taken ginkgo biloba on and off when I find that I’m having trouble focusing or concentrating, or that I seem to be forgetting a lot of things or scatter brained.  It helps me to focus more and be more on point when I’m trying to do something for a long period of time where my mind might normally wander onto things that are not productive.  Is it all in my head that it helps me?  Perhaps it is, but nonetheless I do feel that taking it helps me within a few days to regain my concentration and focusing abilities. 

The subjects were screened for dementia who took the natural supplement and also who did not and the numbers were not significantly different, however, the people who actually took it had higher numbers of dementia.  They did note however, that the group who did take the supplement did not have any adverse affects such as heart attack or bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, however, one other difference was that those who were taking the ginkgo did have a slightly higher incidence of strokes caused by bleeding in the brain. 

Doctors say that it is nothing to worry about thought since the results were statistically insignificant since the numbers were too small to consider it worrisome, and this could have just been a case of natural predisposition.  Still, I guess that part did make me wonder a bit about the efficacy and safety of this herb I must admit.  Will I still take it from time to time? Probably, but I will not be taking it for extended periods, and I literally could use one bottle for a whole year, it’s that rare that I feel I need to take it. 

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