Prostate cancer and breast cancer are two of the most well-publicized cancers today. Why would that be? Well, they are extremely common first of all, and one of them affects men a lot and the other affects women a lot. Hence all the public attention on these two types of cancer.

Just to demonstrate their commonness, I know someone personally who has been affected by each of these cancers. Both of them also happened to sadly succumb to these cancers, so I have intimate knowledge of how they can insert themselves into the lives of your family and friends. Chances are you who are reading this also may know someone who has had one of these types of cancers.

Green tea is something else that has received a lot of media coverage. But it is for its awesome health benefits and very high and effective antioxidant counts that it receives so much attention.  Green tea may not be the tastiest of teas (that’s just my opinion) but heck, add  a little sweetener and compliment it with some fruit leaves or some other kind of designer tea and you’ve got a nice hot treat.

Green tea also happens to be an effective cancer-fighting agent which has been studied extensively.  The reason for this is that it has several compounds and natural chemicals which have shown to be very efficient at helping kill cancer cells as well as to prevent cell mutation.

Since it is an incredibly popular drink already in Asia, and Asians happen to have a lower rate of many types of cancers, this is where the interest really came in for studying it further.  Many studies have concluded that it can be a great help in your quest to remain cancer free, but you really do need to drink it pretty much every day to get the maximum benefits.

To some people that is easy, to others it would feel like a chore. The most recent study showed that green tea seemed to have the greatest anti-cancer benefit when it came to the two types of cancer we discussed above, which are prostate and breast cancer which means that it can greatly benefit both women and men this way.

So go on out and get yourself some really great (preferably infused) organic green tea. Organic is really the only way to go with tea since it eliminates the toxins that are typically sprayed on tea leaves like insecticides, fungicides and other chemicals.

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