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Green tea has enjoyed a really healthy reputation lately. Of course, it started a few years back when it got all kinds of great press for being a super antioxidant drink and a healthier alternative to America’s favorite energizing beverage coffee.

Tea in general, when it is organic and when it is brewed properly, has some excellent antioxidant properties. It’s all in the catechins called polyphenols and the compound called EGCG, which is the compound responsible for many of its health promoting properties.

In addition to a study recently confirming that regular drinking of green tea, or regular ingestion of their main compound EGCG, slows weight gain down in mice by a significant amount. In the study, mice were fed shakes with or without green tea extract in them.

The mice that drank the shakes with tea gained weight about half as slowly as the mice who drank just shakes with no green tea extract.  This is great news for those of us (like me) who are getting older and starting to notice that the pounds pile on a little too easily!

The theory is that the EGCG somehow helps the body to excrete more fat via the feces than without it.  The mice that had the green tea in their shakes showed a higher fat content in their fecal matter.

Now, green tea is also implicated as a healing tonic for lung cancer.  A recent study showed that consumption of green tea’s main compound EGCG enhanced the body’s ability to produce a molecule called mi-R210m which inhibits cancer cell’s ability to grow on top of one another – a common trait of many types of cancer cells.

Because of this, it may inhibit cancerous tumor growth which is another great benefit to drinking this tea – and only enhances its anti-cancer benefits when consumed on a regular basis.

Of course, this study indicated these results in a petri dish, but the thought is that it may have similar implications inside the human body. We really hope so, because green tea supplements are easy to come by and relatively reasonable in cost and green tea is an enjoyable alternative to caffeinated beverages!


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