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Hair Revive Review

Hair Revive - Review

I’ve tried quite a few hair growth vitamins and products, it’s kind of part of my job to experiment with various formulas, and I always like to be taking some sort of hair growth supplement to enhance my hair’s natural growth speed and also to enhance the look of my hair as far as sheen, thickness, resillience and that coveted healthy look goes.

As a vitamin supplement to strictly enhance the appearance and growth rate of my hair, since I don’t really have issue with hair loss per se, but I did notice that the fronts of my hair, where my “widow’s peak” I suppose would be considered, was thinning a bit a few months ago, so I am using a vitamin supplement now really to enhance the appearance of my hair.

I came across one online called Hair Revive. Although it had a somewhat cheesy label that looked like it should be from the seventies, I decided to give it a try since it had several of the ingredients I was looking for, including horsetail (silica) and biotin and a ton of chinese herbs and regular vitamins that are supposed to help with your hair health and growth.

It also was fairly well reviewed by it’s users. Of course there were a few mixed reviews, but that’s to be expected with most products of this nature since they work so differently depending on a person’s existing health, diet and lifestyle and their individual chemical makeup.  Anyways, I bought a couple bottles, which I figured would last me around two months since you had to take a whopping 4 pills a day, and they’re not small as I found out when I got them and opened my first bottle.

It’s been over two months, and I’ve been taking about two to four a day, depending on how I remember to take them that day, and I’m not sure I’m overly impressed yet. I don’t know if I should have taken four consistently every single day, but with the vitamin count percentages in them I almost worried that I would be overloading my body on some of the vitamins, so I took four only on some days.

I think that it has helped with my hair turnover a bit, as I notice that less of my hair falls out when I was it, and it may have improved my hair’s strength as well, as I notice it doesn’t break off or snap as easily when I’m brushing it.  I do notice a bit more sheen as well, but I still have days where my hair looks like a dry haystack, and I was kind of hoping this would be a little miracle in a bottle for that purpose.  Overall, they’re not bad, but I’m going to continue experimenting. They do have some great ingredients in them, definitely, and they are ingredients that are supposed to benefit your hair.

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