By Natural Advocate | January 30, 2008 - 3:53 pm - Posted in Natural Depression & Anxiety Relief

We talk a lot about depression here at Herbalnews, and that is because depression is  a disease that should be taken as seriously as cancers and other diseases that can kill, because in fact, depression has more of an effect on our physical health than we know or care to admit.  In fact, more and more research is pointing to the fact that happy people experience better heart health and less overall health issues to begin with. 

The connection between happier, healthier hearts is the hormone called cortisol.  Sure, you may have seen some commercials about weight loss products that claim to help to lower this hormone, which is the hormone released when one is stressed, but you may not know how important it is to keep this hormone away to our health. 

Cortisol is, essentially, the “stress” hormone, and it is destructive to our body, our weight, and our mind in so many ways because of our strong mind/body connection.  That feeling that you get when you’re stressed out, or sad, and there is a tightness in your chest that won’t go away – that is exactly the type of feeling that cortisol induces in the human body, and I’m sure you can imagine that it doesn’t do the body good if these types of feelings occur frequently.

In fact, British scientists have done studies on numerous people, both people who report they are happy most of the time, and people that feel tired, stressed or anxious and depressed frequently, and they found that happier people tended to have much healthier hearts that those that reported feeling unhappy much of the time. 

Another problem that cortisol and its subsequent chemicals and additional hormones it causes to release, is inflammation, and inflammation is never good for the human body.  Inflammation is responsible for a number of diseases and even nuisances like skin problems and issues with healing quickly.  So, to sum up, the happier you are, the healthier your body is, or should be! 

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