March 2015
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Health Risks of Acetominophen

Acetominophen, as far as an over the counter pain reliever goes, is a relatively harmless medication that can be taken to help quell mild pain. People have been taking it for decades now for everything from headache and migraine pain (although it may not be all the effective against migraines), to muscle and nerve related pain.

Even though aceominophen has long been a favorite, relatively safe OTC pain reliever, it also has been called into question over potential issues that can arise with frequent use. Acetominophen use has been linked to increased rates of a very rare blood cancer, in the latest unfortunate news about this relied-on pain relief medication.

However, the good news is that the risk of this rare blood cancer is very, very low.

Other health risks associated with frequent use of this OTC pain reliever is a tie that links it to the occurrence of asthma. There was a study that I reported on months back that linked acetominophen to increased rates of childhood asthma. By the way, there are some excellent natural ways to reduce asthma attacks that I strongly urge you to read about, especially as an asthma sufferer myself.

One of the good side effects of acetominophen use however, is it’s tie to lower risks of colon cancer, or at least higher survival rates of sufferers. While there are goods and bads to every OTC pain reliever, it’s preferable to ALWAYS keep them to a minimum. There are simply too many reasons to keep them only for emergency purposes.

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