March 2015
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Heart Disease Claiming More Women

Alright women, listen up.  We are not in a newer battle reportedly, not just against breast cancer, but against a more quietly advancing disease that once used to belong mostly to men.  Well, with women’s increased stress levels and more and more women in the workforce and taking on multiple tasks, including raising children and expected to cook and clean (my opinion, only), apparently women are now dying more and more of heart disease.

We need to definitely head this off, back into the right direction of healthier hearts and habits by increasing our intake of the best omega 3 dietary supplements, as the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids are numerous. 

Protection of heart health is just one.  Omega 3’s also have huge implications in the field of weight loss and weight maintenance, joint health and resilience, mental health, and skin and connective tissue health (this includes joints). It seems omega 3’s are one of the super nutrition supplements of our century, and we’ve only just begun to reasearch their long term health benefits for the old and young.

The troubling news as it relates to women and heart disease is that an age group that previously was relatively unaffected in women, under the age of 45 to be specific, is noticeably picking up on the death rate from heart disease, whereas the men in this age group see these numbers tapering off.  This is why we as women must be more proactive now to prevent these numbers from becoming even more staggered.

The culprit of this trend in death from heart disease is clogged arteries, and health experets aren’t necessarily sure what is causing this in women, but they suspect it has to do with unhealthy eating habits, obesity and a number of other unhealthy living habits that are contributing. 

I still think it is also due to the increased amount of stress women feel these days to be “superwomen”.  Think about it, back in the day before feminism, women’s roles were more limited.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a staunch feminist.  But it seems that in some ways it has caused us to be responsible for more things that only add much more pressure to our plate. 

Many relationships I hear about are where the women is in charge of “keeping house”, deciding what meals will be eaten, paying the bills and keeping track of finances, being primary caretakers of children if there are any, and oh yeah, many times having a full time job on top of all that!  I’m not bashing men at all, I’m just saying that the responsiblities seem to be piling on for women, and this could definitely be part of the reason for the increase in heart disease. 


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