Herbal Acne Remedy ZenmedWell, acne is a huge, huge concern, not only on the minds of teenagers today, but also acne is an increasing problem among adults for reasons only partially known or guessed at this point.

This is why more and more people are searching for effective herbal acne vitamins and acne remedies, in hopes of finding herbal alternatives to somewhat serious and often times side effect ridden prescribed medications.

With all the negative publicity surrounding very serious acne medications such as Accutane, and also the notion that being on long term antibiotics can be damaging to our bodies and our health, acne sufferers have come in droves searching for the ideal vitamin or remedy.

That ideal remedy will help their body’s natural defenses beef up against acne, or perhaps better help to regulate the imbalances in their systems, namely hormonal imbalances and other chemical imbalances, which majorly contribute to acne at all ages.

Blemish Free Skin

We’ve done some looking into the various remedies and vitamins for acne that are out there and found two very good acne treatment alternatives.

A lot of people, young and old, find these help them immensely in their fight against acne, and also helps the skin begin the healing process from the ravaging effects of acne so the skin can begin to rebuild and regenerate back to its original state of health.

Not only are these products good by themselves, as oral herbal acne vitamins that go to work inside the body to help regulate the internal mechanisms responsible for acne, but they also contain another component.

These herbal acne remedies also come along with the option to include state of the art skin care systems that are applied topically to help maximize response to the internal remedies and vitamins, as well as help the skin externally heal and promote the beginning of the mending process.

Without further ado, the two products we are talking about are Acnezine and the Clear Pores acne fighting system.

Full reviews of these products individually can be found here, and we are going to continue to discuss the virtues of fighting acne herbally below as well:

Acnezine review – Description found at this link : A full review of this herbal acne remedy, user comments, ingredient information.

Clear Pores review – Description found at this link : Overview and customer pictures, testimonials and more.

As we were saying earlier, applying topical products in both the form of acne washes and topical ointments or gels is essential because if you are using the wrong products topically, you may be unknowingly sabotaging your skin and actually promoting additional acne lesions by either overdrying the skin which further aggravates acne, or by adding additional oils and other aggravating ingredients which penetrate the pores and just create additional problems.

By using natural and herbal topical acne fighting products, you are gently removing dirt and oils that clog pores and promote whiteheads and blackheads, and herbal and natural ingredients such as vitamins and soothing herbs that are often contained in herbal and natural washes and topical treatments are gentle.

Gentle is the key word when fighting acne.  We do not want any harsh abrasives or a lot of alcohol.  Remember, drying may seem to be the answer, but drying the skin actually results in further acne since the skin responds by producing MORE sebum (oil), and your skin then becomes more clogged because the excess sebum produced gets into the pores which creates further acne postules.

Vitamins, when taken internally (orally), can also help immensely with acne, because they can fight what’s called free radicals.  Free radicals are probably the ultimate sabateurs of our skin, because they make it easier for the skin to inflame, which is what acne is, it’s an inflammatory skin condition.  I think you know what I mean when you look at your face and you see an “inflamed” acne lesion that is red and irritated.

Herbal acne vitamins and herbal acne remedies help to both balance the hormones through nutritional therapy, and also help to balance the natural chemicals in the blood stream all of which can help calm the skin and make for a much smoother appearance, and acne free skin.

Many times we don’t realize that our diets are deficient in vital nutrients which help our system fight acne, and acne vitamins and remedies can help replenish these and arm your system with the necessary defenses to fight acne.

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