In the Mood Again

Let’s face it, sometimes your libido isn’t quite where it’s supposed to be. Both the male and female libido needs an enhancer here and there.

Herbal remedies have been used for years to help both the man and woman regain the vim and vigor they once had for their spouse or partner.

The stress of life, your job, family stress, deadlines and commitments (to steal the line from Bob Seger’s Against the Wind), all contribute to the seeming loss of libido that has occurred here with Americans that seem more stressed out, under the gun, and wound too tight.

If you want to enjoy sex or to even have a libido in the first place half the time,  herbal libido supplements for men and herbal Libido supplements for women are available.

So, if you want to get that sex drive back, you may be prudent to turn to an herbal supplement to do so. What can herbs do for you as far as you sexual urges go? Well, there are a lot of different reasons that we don’t want to have sex.

One can be that you might be mad at the person for whom you are supposed to be lusting. If you’ve been married you know what I’m talking about. This unfortunately cannot be fixed by any herbal supplement, or medication for that matter.

This would require therapy and a lot of talking. But for those of us who still find out spouses and partners attractive and mentally appealing, yet still can’t seem to muster up the raging hormones that make us want to get down and dirty in the most primitive ways, there are answers that come in the form of caplets, capsules, liquids, and so on and so forth, which are all natural.

Libido Enhancers

Herbal Libido Enhancer Supplements for Men (We discuss supplements for women below that as well, so no one is left out, because we all have the need to have good sex)

Often times, men’s libido is dramatically affected by their energy levels. For this reason, herbal libido supplements with energy enhancing ingredients are often helpful.

When you search for the various libido enhancing supplements that are out there, you may note that you see herbs typically associated with improving mood and energy levels in the ingredient list.

This is no mistake. These are great ways to help improve the libido of men (and women too actually), so don’t be perplexed if you see these types of herbs in the ingredient list.

Another common ingredient that can be found in herbal libido supplements for men are ones that increase blood flow. As you know, blood flow to the penis is what causes an erection to occur.

Not only that, generally increased blood flow throughout the body helps with sexual urges in the first place, because it increases any sensations that you have down there, and makes you crave sexual intimacy simply from the increased circulation.

Ingredients that can help improve sexual desire in these herbal concoctions are : Zinc, one called Drilizen, which is a proprietary ingredient concocted by Prosolution pills for men which increases testosterone, to increase sex drive in turn, safflower to open the vasodilators which control blood flow and enhance sensation, and of course there’s the horny goat weed, who could forget that one for it’s appropriate name.

What about herbal libido enhancers for women, you ask? Well, women are much the same as men if you can believe it.

They rely on increased blood flow to the vaginal area, the clitoris, which is the most sensitive part of the female anatomy and leads to orgasms, and they also rely on getting the energy to be able to and desire to perform sexual intercourse. Women really need both of these, as they are a little more complex when it comes to sex and libido.

L-arginine, which is also a vasodilator, helps to increase blood flow, which not only leads to getting in the mood in the first place for women, but also leads to more intense, drawn out orgasms, and even can lead to multiple orgasms, is a necessity in any female sexual enhancement product.

Not only are these blood flow enhancers important, but women’s herbal libido enhancing formulas often include mood enhancing ingredients as well – herbs that typically enhance the overall mood so that a woman can focus on wanting satisfying sex instead of the million other things she has on her to do list.

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