Joint Ease

Many people have turned to more natural methods of healing and pain relief in recent years, especially those who are disappointed with the traditional Western medicine for various reasons.

Even though pharmaceutical companies are churning out more sophisticated drugs every year, there is always the danger of adverse reactions to man-made chemicals, or negative reactions with existing medicines a patient may need to take.

Joint Ease is an herbal remedy that helps naturally and effectively relieve joint pain and inflammation you may want to look in to.

Also worth considering is the huge price associated with some of these drugs, often placing them out of the reach by older individuals on fixed incomes- those who are most likely to need pain killers.

As the world’s population ages and starts to experience the signs of living longer than ever (due to improved knowledge about nutrition, vitamins and exercise, as well as better diagnostic testing and early detection of problems) there is a great need to improve the quality of life.

This can mean eliminating minor discomforts due to an aging body, such as joint or muscle pain.

It’s only normal that, at some point, the human body begins to acquire a bit of stiffness, whether it’s upon awakening, after physical exertion, or throughout the day, and the full lives of today’s seniors’ and baby boomers don’t allow time for hours in a rocking chair!

With the acceptance of holistic treatment and other “new age” practices comes a demand for natural pain management for joint pain and inflammation. Not wishing to be slowed down by numbing or addictive pain killers, millions have found success with herbal medicine for joint pain, back pain, and nerve pain.

Many believe that the answer to their pain or stiffness is based on the Eastern philosophy that an imbalance exists within one’s body.

In addition to Joint Ease above, here aer some testimonials for InflammaGo, another all natural remedy for relieving joint pain and inflammation :

“I have been a ballet dancer for thirty years. I have an old ankle injury that plays up once in a while. I teach ballet now, so I can’t afford to have trouble or swelling– InflammaGo has helped me so much. Now after a few drops as class begins, my joints feel less strained.”

– Nina.

“I have a bad knee; from time to time it gives me trouble. Thanks to InflammaGo, when I feel the familiar stiffness settling in, I quickly dose myself with this remedy, thank you for a great product!”

– Jasmine

“WOW!!!  InflammaGo is a great alternative to anti–inflammatories!”

– Susannah

This imbalance could be as simple as an older body failing to manufacture enough glucosamine needed to keep joints lubricated, or a lack of the vitamins needed for rapid repair of tissue damage. The view of treating the whole body, or holistic healing, is finding more favor with people who feel that natural healing is easier on the body, with longer range effects.

This natural healing by herbal medicines and pain killers is done primarily by improving the circulation of blood and immune system, thereby improving overall bodily functions and thus eliminating symptoms such as pain, stiffness or tenderness.

Most health food or vitamin suppliers carry a wide range of products for assisting with joint, bone or muscle pain, which usually need no advance preparation by the patient.

They can be obtained in the forms of pill, powder, gel, liquid, spray, tea, lotion, ointment, or suppositories, and are less expensive than generic prescriptions. Some contain basic plant life that can be home grown, while others (like emu oil) are more exotic and therefore more difficult and expensive to obtain.

Here are some of the more widely used ingredients, and their uses, in herbal medicines for joint, bone or neck pain:

Shark Cartilage-Restores bone or joint damage

Cat’s Claw-Reduces pain associated with arthritis

Ginger-Reduces inflammation

Cayenne-Acts like anesthetic when applied

Nettle Leaf-Reduces inflammation

Boswellia- Reduces inflammation and repairs areas around connective tissue

Calcium-Protects against bone loss

Other ingredients found in accessible “natural” cures can include:

(1) Chondroitin Sulfate-An anti-inflammatory that keeps cartilage from experiencing degeneration and aids in the production on new cartilage generation.

(2) Collagen Type 2-Since over half of cartilage is comprised of Collagen 2, this restores cartilage in arthritis sufferers and acts as anti-inflammatory.

(3) Linolenic Acid-Aids muscle and joint aches due to anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, Indian cures such as Rasna Saptak Erand Reetha, Samhalu, Triphula, and Gugul, and Chinese remedies such as Rhizoma Drynariae and Cortex Eucommiae may also be options.

Probably the most widely advertised herbal treatment in the West today involves Glucosamine Sulfate and Methysulfonylmethane.

Glucosamine, made from shellfish shells and refined corn, is helpful with tendon, cartilage and ligament tenderness. It restricts enzymes known to destroy cartilage, and repairs joint damage caused by wear or injury; doing so thus increases flexibility.

Studies over the course of many years have validated that Glucosamine helps in the general healing process by lubricating joints with a protective fluid, thereby easing pain and allowing for a greater range of motion.

Methysulfonylmethane, or MSM, helps diminish inflammation and pain, and is the best source of necessary, safe sulfur needed by the body to build new cells and ensure that connective tissue stays healthy.

People tend to believe that the classification of “herbal” or “natural” implies that the product cannot possibly be harmful. As with anything taken into or put onto the human body, individuals must take care and use products only after research into their proper use.

Although such treatment has been in place in the East for centuries, its application has usually been under the care of specialists in this field.

Even the best natural herbal remedy for pain may not be the answer for a self-diagnosed problem, or the best way to deal with a chronic situation. Many have found a compromise between traditional and natural treatments that can best meet individual needs while still providing peace of mind.

There are many herbal medicines for joint, neck or bone pain, and most have been around far longer than today’s society. These options are definitely worth considering if one wishes to eliminate joint and bone discomfort now and in years to come!

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