March 2015
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Herbal Medicine Regulation : Good or Bad?

One possible benefit of regulating herbal products would be quality control of all herbal products. One way, as a consumer, to seek our own quality assurance would be to look for the word standardized on the label. This should ensure a consistent amount of the desired compound in each capsule. The dosage per capsule unit will be reliable for the health benefits desired.

With human nature as it is, many individuals may be tempted to overdo herbal dosage. The reasoning of since it’s natural, I can take more, may prevail.

More specific recommendations in a more uniform manner would be beneficial for herbal dosage. Also warnings about possible allergic reactions or side effects would keep a consumer more informed.

One possible example for our country to follow would be Germany. In Germany, herbal medicines are approved as over the counter drugs similarly to how the FDA works here.

Therefore herbal products are researched by a panel of experts and consumers. This would provide more safety, peace of mind and uniform quality to herbal remedies.

Hopefully, this could be achieved in this country without driving the price up too high or restricting availability.

1 comment to Herbal Medicine Regulation : Good or Bad?

  • herbal medicine is the most ancient form of medical practice together with chanting and other forms of rituals.

    at present herbal medicine has grown in popularity in urban cities for. many people are turning to alternative medicine to relieve minor illness and sometimes used herbs to cure serious diseases such as cancer.

    herbs are the primary ingredient for the modern drugs which undergoes series of refinements to make it more safe to humans.

    herbal medicine very effective yet without any side effects as compared to synthetic drugs.



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